How to Have a Stay at Home Picnic

April 21, 2020
by Katherine Sousa Lifestyle

    Bring the picnic to the comfort of your own home with these 5 tips on how to have a stay at home picnic.

    The sun is starting to make some appearances and we’re all itching for spring or summertime activities. We’re sharing our top tips on how you can still enjoy everyone’s favourite spring activity in the comfort of your home.

    Choose your location wisely

    Picking the perfect spot for your stay at home picnic is one of the most important steps. If you have a backyard or an outdoor space, we’d recommend setting up there. Otherwise, choose somewhere close to natural light and windows. This way you can help mimic the experience of a picnic in the park.

    Set the scene

    Just because you’re moving your picnic indoors doesn’t mean you can forget about the picnic blanket! Get everything together that you would for any other picnic – a blanket,  a basket, reusable plates, and cutlery. Next, use your plants to create the feeling of being in the great outdoors by gathering up all your plants from around your home and surround your indoor picnic area with beautiful greenery! Plus, you could always pop on some nature sounds for that extra little touch.

    Get comfortable

    An indoor picnic means you don’t have to worry about dirt or carrying around a heavy basket. You’re at home — you may as well get comfy! Pile up your throw pillows or couch cushions for the ultimate cozy picnic vibe.

    Make stations

    One of the benefits of having a picnic in the comfort of your home is that you have more space to work with. Use that space to your advantage and set up stations for the different aspects of your picnic like iced tea, salad, and snack stations!

    Choose the right food

    You don’t have a table in front of you when picnicking so choose foods that don’t involve too much mess, can be made individually, and can be eaten with your hands. Check out our 6 fresh picnic ideas that work for either indoor or outdoor picnics!

    There you have it! The best tips & tricks for the ultimate stay at home picnic. Now, with warmer weather ahead that means an abundance of spring veggies! So get cooking with our 7 favourite spring vegetables for all your stay at home picnic meals.



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