13 Kitchen Essentials Every HelloFresh Customer Needs in their Kitchen

April 20, 2022
by Henry How to cook

    To make dinner even simpler, it’s helpful to be equipped with the right set of tools.

    With HelloFresh, stressing about dinner time is a thing of the past. We’ve rounded up a list of 13 kitchen essentials every HelloFresh customer needs to make delicious and effortless dinners. 

    Frying Pan

    A good frying pan is needed for many delicious dishes from HelloFresh. They’re great for searing, sautéing, and making pan sauces. We like non-stick pans for easy clean-up and ones in the 10 to 12-inch range to ensure you have ample room for your food.


    A sturdy pot is the perfect vessel for cooking rice, boiling pasta or potatoes, and so much more. A tight-fitting lid is also handy in helping things to cook more efficiently.

    Baking Sheet

    Perfect for roasting vegetables, toasting bread, and finishing cooking proteins, our baking sheets are one of the most valuable tools in the kitchen. We love a baking sheet made out of stainless steel as they’re less likely to warp and we like having at least two of them for quick, straightforward meal prep.

    Chef’s Knife

    A chef’s knife is the one knife you need in your kitchen–one that is able to power through sweet potatoes but also nimble enough to finely chop delicate chives. The right chef’s knife will depend on your hand size and your level of knife skills, but just remember to keep your knife sharp. A sharp knife goes more easily through your food than a dull one, which helps prevent kitchen injuries and decrease the amount of tears while cutting onions.

    Measuring Cups

    Great for adding the exact amount of liquid to a recipe, measuring cups are a must-have in the kitchen. We like ones that have a sturdy handle and reliable spout to reduce the amount of mess.


    A solid vegetable peeler makes easy work of going through the sometimes tough and gritty peels of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots. We prefer the y-shaped peelers because they make peeling super speedy.


    Spatulas make quick work of flipping everything from pancakes to pork chops. Just remember if you’re using a non-stick pan, it’s a good idea to use a wooden or non-stick spatula to ensure that it won’t hurt or tarnish the surface of the pan.

    Parchment Paper

    Unwaxed parchment paper is a major kitchen game-changer. Use them to line your baking sheets to ensure nothing sticks and make cleaning up an absolute breeze. Best of all, unlike aluminum foil, parchment paper can also be discarded in your green or organics bin.


    A good whisk is a great way to incorporate both cooked and uncooked sauces. They also provide a decent arm workout to help you build an even greater appetite for dinner!


    A box grater helps your speed through blocks of cheese and any vegetables that need to be finely shredded. We also like to use the small holes to help strip thyme leaves off their stems.

    Measuring Spoons

    Measuring spoons come in handy when you need to use one ingredient for two different components of a dish. You’ll get the right amount every time.


    Draining pasta or boiled vegetables is a cinch with a colander. We prefer ones made out of metal to ensure that they don’t melt from the boiling water.

    Meat Thermometer

    An accurate meat thermometer is one of the best investments you can make in your arsenal of kitchen tools. It takes the guesswork out of cooking proteins to the minimum internal temperature listed on your recipe card.


    Now that you’ve got all your cooking equipment, you’ll need a delicious recipe to cook! Order your HelloFresh box here!

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