Hack Your HelloFresh Box for Mother’s Day

April 20, 2020
by Katherine Sousa Eat

    How to hack your HelloFresh box for Mother’s Day with the help of our new features!

    Mother’s Day is around the corner and while we don’t have a seasonal box like we did for the holiday season, we’re offering two delicious Mother’s day special recipes that celebrate mom. Plus, with the help of some of our extra features, we’re showing you how you can hack your HelloFresh box to make your own customizable Mother’s Day box.

    Choose a Mother’s Day Special Recipe

    To celebrate mom we’ve got two delicious & doable dinners available; Steak and Chili-Garlic Poached Shrimp with Green Beans and Herb-Roasted Chicken Niçoise Salad. Don’t miss your chance to spoil mom with a restaurant-worthy dinner in the comfort of her own home. Not to mention each Mother’s Day special recipe comes with a delicious no-bake dessert!

    Double or Triple Up

    Thanks to our newest feature, you can increase the number of servings of a single recipe to fit your family’s needs. Create your own Mother’s Day box by doubling or tripling up on one or both of our Mother’s Day special recipes so that you can enjoy a delicious home-cooked feast, complete with dessert, with the whole family.

    Change Your Delivery Day

    Our flexible subscription model allows you to change your delivery day each week to best fit your schedule. Use this feature to have your box delivered with the perfect amount of time to cook up your HelloFresh Mother’s Day feast.

    Fresh Tip: You can even change your delivery address, so you can gift a delicious Mother’s Day feast to your mom!

    Add An Extra Side

    Looking to add a little something extra to your Mother’s Day dinner? Add some garlic bread! Add on a ready-to-bake fluffy garlic bread that’s ready in just 5 minutes. It’s the perfect addition to your Mother’s Day feast!

    Share Your Experience

    While you may not physically be able to make mom dinner anymore, you can still share a delicious meal together. Thanks to our Mother’s Day special recipes, each member of your family can have the same meal delivered to their doorstep! So why not hop on a video chat and make dinner together, sit down, and enjoy a delicious restaurant-worthy dinner with all the people you love.

    All that’s left is to get customizing! Order your HelloFresh delivery now and look for the label, “Mother’s Day Special”.

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