6 Fresh Picnic Ideas to Try This Summer

July 19, 2018
by Meka Kraut Tips and Tricks

    What better way to savour the summer than with a picnic? From finger foods to protecting your drinks from pesky bugs to the perfect playlist  – these tips will completely transform every picnic you have from now on. Try these 6 picnic ideas to enjoy the #FreshOutdoors with family and friends this summer.

    To help you make picnicking a breeze this summer, we’ve put together some mind-blowing picnic ideas that make enjoying snacks and the #FreshOutdoors as easy as 1, 2, 3. You’ll be out the door with your basket in hand in no time.

    1. Cup Speakers

    Before you invest in expensive speakers, try this hack to listen to your summer playlist LOUD and on repeat! Place your phone in a glass cup and let the music play on!

    How does this work you ask? Science! The cup acts as an echo chamber – perfect if you fancy pumping the volume to your favourite tunes.

    2. Breath-Mint Spice Containers

    Next up, are these breath mint containers – transform them into your very own travel-friendly spice storage! Take these on your next park hangout to season the perfect picnic to your taste.

    BONUS: Put any extra HelloFresh custom spice blends in your containers to bring world flavours to your picnic menu.

    Keep your seasonings safe ‘n sound and perfect for on-the-go you.

    3. Muffin Tin Serving Platters

    Chances are you use your muffin pan pretty infrequently – it’s time to put it to good use, Fresh Fam! Get more out of them than just muffins and cupcakes (you’d think this was enough) – use them for serving snacks on your next epic picnic or cookout. These pans are oh-so-perfect for serving finger foods such as veggies, fruits, nuts and dip!

    picnic ideas-hellofresh-summer-snack-platter-muffin tin

    Time to get snackin’!

    4. Pre-Cut Apples

    Apples are the perfect picnic snack, but they brown super easily and ain’t nobody bringing a knife and cutting board on a picnic. We have the perfect solution to enjoy sliced apples anywhere and all you need is a rubber band! Just cut your apples in a tic-tac-toe pattern then use a rubber band to put all your pieces back together.

    Now you have a fun puzzle and a fresh apple snack!

    5. Mason Jar Veggies

    It’s no secret that we LOVE mason jars. They’re a great way to store foods or make salads. Include them on your picnic to help jazz up your veggies with some dip! Just fill the bottom of the jar with your favourite dip, add some raw vegetables of your choice, snap on the lid, and you’re on your way!

    Not only have you hacked the classic veggies and dip for a healthy snack on the go, but your mason jars will also make for some epic Instagrams of your picnic. #FreshOutdoors anyone?

    6. DIY Drink Lids

    Last but not least, we’re taking your cupcake liners for some fresh air. Trust us when we say our picnic ideas aren’t complete without this one. We’ve already borrowed your cupcake tin, so might as well take these along for the ride. Flip your liner upside down, pop a hole in the middle for your straw and these make the perfect drink lids No more bugs sniffing around your picnic, these DIY lids will make sure you’re the only one sipping from your drink.

    Add these mouthwatering Shrimp Brioche Rolls to your basketful of picnic ideas.

    We want to hook you up with all the things you need to enjoy food in the #FreshOutdoors this summer. Enter to win a BBQ, Cookware, and 10 Weeks of HelloFresh here.

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    Bev lloyd says:

    Fun ideas

    Amanda says:

    So glad you loved these ideas Bev! Let us know if you try them.

    Mary says:

    Love all these ideas….keep them coming….thanks

    Amanda says:

    We’re so happy to hear you loved our picnic tips and tricks.

    Rosemary Giles says:

    These summer picnic/outdoor tips are perfect..thanks