3 Ingredients To Transform Your Dinner Into Lunch

August 21, 2018
by Meka Kraut Our Recipes

    The only thing better than delicious, easy-to-cook dinner recipes? Delicious, easy-to-cook dinner recipes that you can transform into a new, crave-worthy lunch for the next day.

    HelloFresh-Lunch Ideas-Dinner

    Say goodbye to simple leftovers and hello to a new and improved delicious lunch – Noon can’t come soon enough! Get back in your autumn groove with these helpful tips so you’re living your best lunch life.

    First things first, Fresh Fam. You will need 3 key ingredients on hand. With just these few items, your leftovers can be easily dressed up and ready to go so you can enjoy at work or school the next day without any last-minute-lunch-packing-frenzy (we’ve been there too). Warning: These lunch ideas may cause friends and co-workers to ask, “Are you finished with that?”

    1. Wraps

    Want an exciting lunch option that’s mess-free and easy to transport? Make it a wrap! Wraps are perfect lunch ideas for a quick grab-and-go meal. No more mid-day stomach growls. What makes for the ideal wrap filling? Your favourite HF bowl! Simply place a dollop of leftovers in a wrap and roll it up.  

    HelloFresh-Lunch Ideas-Dinner-bowls-wraps

    In need of a delicious bowl recipe? We’ve got you covered with our Top Rated Protein Bowl Recipes to get rolling!

    HelloFresh-Lunch Ideas-Dinner-Turkey Burrito Bowl

    2. Lettuce

    Lettuce discuss the fresh, delicious lunch you can prepare with the help of some leafy greens! From arugula, romaine, butter lettuce, to fresh spring mix, these tasty and healthy options can transform your dinner into a satisfying lunch! Simply pair your fav greens with a meat + starch ‘n veggie recipe to really shake things up. Literally, shake it up and enjoy!

    HelloFresh-Lunch Ideas-Dinner-Salad-Lettuce

    We’ve got a recipe just for you that will take your lunch to the next level! Our Garlic-Lime Chicken will help you achieve deliciousness for dinner and lunch!

    HelloFresh-Lunch Ideas-Dinner-Garlic Lime Chicken

    3. Zoodles

    Looking for a creative twist for your lunch? Zucchini noodles, also known as ‘zoodles’, are the perfect gluten-free, low-carb option for on-the-go you! Fresh and fun, these zoodles will make a guilt-free addition to your favourite comforting dinner dish or salad.

    HelloFresh-Lunch Ideas-Dinner-Zoodles-Zucchini

    Looking for a delicious dinner to lunch zoodle pairing just in time for back to school? Your fam will be all over our Veggie Chili recipe.

    HelloFresh-Lunch Ideas-Dinner-Veggie-Chili

    Got dinner to lunch ideas? Tell us yours in the comments!


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