#HelloFreshPets for National Dog Day August 26, 2018

by Meka Kraut Behind the Scenes

It’s #NationalDogDay and we’re celebrating with some paw-some dog photos that will have you going paws-itively mutts! Only love for all our #HelloFreshPets

HelloFresh-HelloFreshPets-dog photos-Contest-Petcurean-PetValuHelloFresh-HelloFreshPets-dog photos-Contest-Petcurean-PetValu

We love seeing photos of the Fresh Fam’s furry friends on our feeds, so we have an awesome giveaway for you and your favourite four-legged pals! We’re teaming up with Petcurean and Pet Valu to giveaway one FREE week of HelloFresh, a week supply of dog food, doggy toys and swag for you and your pooch. Share your best HF + Dog photos by using #HelloFreshPets and tagging @HelloFreshCa for your chance to win!

The Paw-some Prize Pack :

  • One Week of HelloFresh (Value of up to $139.99)
  • Four bags of Petcurean’s SPIKE jerky treats (Retail value of $47.96)
  • A Petcurean Dog Walking Swag Kit (including a dog leash, bandana, collapsible water bow, poop bags and more!)
  • Pet Valu Dog Toys and Supplies including a bed! (Retail value of $167.91)
Please see our Contest Rules for more information on the #HelloFreshPets Contest.

Now, let’s paws and reflect with these dog photos posted by our very own Fresh Fam! They just might give you a smile to get you through a ruff day.  

 1) @brittanyshmyr

“It wasn’t me!”

HelloFresh-HelloFreshPets-dog photos-Contest

That’s what they all say!

2) @lil_pickles_da_pug

HelloFresh-HelloFreshPets-dog photos-ContestOh my pugness! This dog photo is pugtastic!

3) @the_dashing_mr.darby

“Did somebody say dinner?”

HelloFresh-HelloFreshPets-dog photos-Contest

Another very important question… Where did he get his tie?

4) @littlebabyluca

“I see you have food…I also like food.” 🐶🍴

HelloFresh-HelloFreshPets-dog photos-Contest

5) @blondecoffeebean

HelloFresh-HelloFreshPets-dog photos-Contest

PSA: Cutest. Photo. Ever ✨🐶

6) @piper.bee.doodle

HelloFresh-HelloFreshPets-dog photos-Contest

Unfortunately, this pup is not included for delivery. 🐶

7) @doctormollydoodle

“Sous chef reporting for duty!”

HelloFresh-HelloFreshPets-dog photos-Contest

If only all our kitchen helpers were this fetching!

Now that you’ve got some adorable inspo, go ahead and share as many#HelloFreshPets photos as you paw-ssibly can. Trust us, we want to see them ALL! We’re obsessed and we will not a-paw-logize for it (or for the puns for that matter).

Now, enjoy the last few weeks of summer with your furry friends and try these 6 Picnic Ideas guaranteed to please you and your pup!

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Samus says:

I think there are no people who did not love Dog. I love Dog from my childhood when I was 9 years old. A dog was lived on my family. But when I don’t stay at my home, my mother or father takes him. That day are gone. And still, now I have own 2 dogs on my home. And my little girl also plays with him. I don’t know others country people. If they really love dogs or not. But all the American loves the dogs. And I think also they take good care about them!

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