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August 24, 2021
by Jade Farhat Eat

    Lunchtime just got a seriously delicious shake up.

    It’s safe to say our work patterns have shifted in the last year, particularly at lunchtime. With working from home becoming the norm, those grab and go options disappeared from a lot of our doorsteps. 

    Where we once bought the same lunch day in, day out, as a nation our behaviours shift to preparing more in-home meals. But, we know finding the inspiration and time can be hard.

    Enter: the lunch rut.

    So, to help you eat the meals you want to eat for lunch, our team of chefs have introduced NEW lunch recipes for both adults and kids! 

    Created for one person, rustle up a fresh salad or indulgent sandwich ! With all the recipes ready in just 10 minutes, you can get out of the dreaded lunch rut, enjoy delicious, home-cooked food and have more time to relax whether you’re working from home or back to the grind.

    What’s on the menu?

    There will be 2 kid friendly lunch options and 2 adult friendly lunch options on the menu every week! From delicious wraps to creamy egg salad sandwiches and salads, there is something delicious for everyone! Here’s what’s coming up:

    Eggcellent Egg Salad Sandwich

    This dish serves one and only takes 10 minutes to whip up! All you need is a fork to mash together this creamy egg salad with dijon and chives! Scooped on a perfectly toasted brioche bun… and served with a crunchy side salad featuring fresh cucumber, spinach and tomatoes. Click here to add this meal to your order!

    Kids Roll and Go Lunch Wraps

    Serves 2, they’re fun to make + they’re delicious! Roll up some fun with tasty red grapes and blueberry jam. Handheld is the way to go with these sweet and savoury cream cheese and grape roll-ups. Click here to add this meal to your order!

    Easy Rustic Panzanella Salad

    Serves one! All you need to do is whisk, toast and tear for this delish one-of-a-kind salad! Click here to add this meal to your order!

    Kids Pizza Party Lunch Wraps

    Our take on almost every kids favourite meal! Pizza roll-ups come with all your favourite toppings – veggies, cheese and marinara! Cucumber spears and apple slices make the perfect healthy sides.Click here to add this meal to your order!

    We are so excited about all these lunch offerings! Don’t forget to also check out our add-ons which include desserts, garlic bread, salad and more! P.S. Stay tuned for some more delicious lunch options coming up!

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