New Ingredients You Need to Try in 2021

January 27, 2021
by Jade Farhat Our Cooking tools

    New year, new ingredients? Shake up your dinnertime go-to ingredients and try something new this year. From paneer to barramundi – we’re sharing our favourite new ingredients you need to try in 2021.

    It can be easy to get stuck in a dinnertime rut. You find something you like, and you make it over and over again. We get, but we also want to help you get out of your dinnertime shell this year. Whether you’re looking for a new vegetarian dinner or want to shake up your grain game – there’s an ingredient for everyone on this list.

    Not sure where to find your new favourite ingredients? Good thing for you, each of these delicious ingredients make a regular appearance on the HelloFresh weekly menu. That means you can try something new every week and get it delivered straight to your door; no planning or grocery store line ups, just delicious dinners with unique ingredients the whole family will love. Order your HelloFresh delivery here, and make dinnertime stress free AND delicious.


    Let’s get cheesy! This ingredient stars in many of our vegetarian meals; paneer is a fresh cheese common in Indian cuisine. Typically made from cow or buffalo milk, it’s a non-aged, non-melting soft cheese perfect for curries and sautéing. A squeaky bite and packed with fresh flavour, paneer is loved by kids and adults alike.

    Try out some of our favourite paneer recipes:

    Sheet-Pan Tandoori Paneer

    There’s something so comforting about this meal. The roasted veggies and homemade tomato chutney, such complex, layered flavors on top of rice, make this meal elite. Trust us when we say this meal and paneer are a must-try! Get the recipe here.

    Matar Paneer Curry

    Paneer’s mild flavour complements this spicy curry sauce perfectly! Coupled with tender green peas, Matar Paneer Curry is a delicious dish vegetarian meal. Get the recipe here.


    Many in North America probably haven’t heard of this flavourful fish, but people in all areas of the world, including Australia, love barramundi. Native to our friends down under, barramundi is extremely easy to cook. The sustainability-farmed, Omega-3 dense fish eat a predominantly plant-based diet; it’s perfect for fish newbies and picky eaters!

    Try some of our favourite barramundi recipes:

    Barramundi Stir Fry

    Barramundi goes so well paired with the sweet and savoury flavours from the hoisin and soy sauce. Saucy noodles, sweet and crunchy veggies, and buttery fish – what could be better? Get the recipe here.

    Roasted Barramundi Tacos

    Bring fish into the fun of taco night! Get the family all together and enjoy these delicious and fresh tacos. Get the recipe here.

    Cauliflower Rice

    Looking for a lower carb option? There is truly nothing cauliflower can’t do! Cauliflower rice is a flavourful, low-carb substitute for regular rice in bowls, burritos, stir-fries, and more. What is it? It’s in the name, really – it’s cauliflower pulsed into small granules that are about the size of rice.You will see cauliflower rice in many of our new Carb-Smart recipes.

    Try some of our favourite cauliflower rice recipes:

    Sesame Ground Pork Bowl

    There’s nothing like a cauliflower rice dish to make you feel a bit fancy at dinnertime. This colourful beauty celebrates tender-crisp veggies, sesame pork, and the finishing touch of crisp green onions. It’s unbeatable! Get the recipe here.


    Freekeh (pronounced free-kuh or free-kah) is an ancient grain popular in Middle Eastern diets but is slowly gaining popularity in North America. It’s packed with unique flavours while still being loaded with a bunch of nutritional benefits.

    Try some of our favourite freekeh recipes:

    Mushroom Freekeh Bowl


    Warm-up with this hearty winter freekeh bowl! Freekeh is a hearty whole grain, a nice change from the same old rice and quinoa. Try this meal out starring: pan-roasted mushrooms with balsamic, creamy goat cheese, and warm balsamic dressing.

    Get the recipe here.

    Middle Eastern-Spiced Salmon Freekeh Bowl

    There’s no need for a pita in this tasty Middle Eastern-Spiced Salmon Freekeh Salad. Juicy salmon filets are tossed in Middle Eastern spices and rest atop tender freekeh, paired with sweet roasted veggies and a DIY lemon garlic dressing. Get the recipe here.

    One of the many perks of a HelloFresh delivery is the variety of flavourful ingredients that you can try without committing to an entire package of one element. Not to mention it then all comes delivered straight to your door! Order your delivery now. 

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