How to Build the Perfect Buddha Bowl

November 9, 2018
by Amanda Li Our Recipes

     Some of your favourite bloggers and Instagrammers have spoken. The Buddha Bowl trend has officially taken over and you don’t want to miss our no-recipe “recipe” for colourful, nutritious, and uber Insta-worthy bowls.

    Buddha Bowl -HelloFresh-Veggies-How To

    Step aside, plates! Meals served in bowls are all the rage these days, and if our Instagram feeds are any indication, the trend isn’t going away anytime soon. So we decided to investigate. Why bowls? What does Buddha have to do with it all? Is it just us, or does food actually taste better this way? Is there a recipe for bowl perfection? CAN WE HAVE IT?

    Here’s what we discovered:

    1. The shape of the bowl actually does make a difference

    Bowls are a great way to pile up lots of different (and yummy ingredients) into one controlled portion. Bowls tend to make a single portion appear bigger than if it were served up on a plate. So fill up a bowl instead of a plate to avoid overeating.

    how-to-buddha bowls-HelloFresh

    2. There’s no “recipe,” but be sure to cover all the bases

    Just because there’s no recipe doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful and well-balanced meal yourself. Buddha bowls are also known as macro bowls for a reason! Filled with carbs, protein and fat, they hit all the necessary macronutrients. By incorporating a healthy combination of veggies, grains, proteins (better yet, plant-based proteins), you’ll feel more satisfied when you’ve covered all your bases.  Don’t forget to top it off with a yummy dressing. Depending on your bowl’s flavour profile, may we suggest these BBQ sauces or these DIY Pestos?

    how-to-buddha bowls-infographic-HelloFresh

    3. Creativity is the name of the game (and colour, too)

    You know those super strict, mile-long, you can’t change anything or else the meal is doomed kind of recipes? Buddha bowls are the exact opposite. Because they require less of a recipe and more of a guideline, they lend themselves to an infinite amount of creativity. With a Buddha bowl, you choose your own destiny and the more colour the better!

    4. Skipping the meat? Plant-based protein is the way to go!

    We’re all about the protein! Quinoa makes a great protein-filled base, but if you’re looking for more variety, ingredients like tempeh and tofu make for great meat-free options. Plus, they’re easy to pair with any flavour profile.

    Buddha Bowl -HelloFresh-Veggies-How To-quinoa

    5. If you’re bowl-ing it for breakfast, don’t go crazy with the fruit

    We know what you’re thinking… Fruit is SO colourful and SO delicious. So much so that it’s easy to go overboard with fruits in our smoothie bowls. Cut the fruit (and sugar) down by throwing in some veggies like spinach or kale into the smoothie mix. If insta-worthy colours are what you’re after, cauliflower is a great alternative that won’t throw off aesthetics.

    Buddha Bowl -HelloFresh-Veggies-How To-acai-bowl-smoothie

    And the whole Buddha thing? Well, let’s just say the combination of colours, textures, flavours, and nutrients is best savoured slowly and mindfully to reap all the good, happy cook vibes. Feel free to give your belly a rub afterwards too.

    Don’t forget to share your Buddha bowl creations with #HelloFreshLife and check out these Protein Bowls if you’re looking for a little extra inspiration.

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    Jo says:

    I totally love Buddha bowls that’s all I prepping for my weak different for each day !

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    That’s awesome! They’re great for prepping ahead of time.

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    Thank u