Flex 101: 5 Benefits To Becoming Flexitarian

November 8, 2018
by Meka Kraut Lifestyle

    Flexitarian is where it’s at right now. If you prefer to eat vegetarian, but indulge in meat or seafood now and then, a flexitarian diet is fit for you! Scroll to learn about the delicious benefits of eating flexitarian and how HelloFresh can help you to add a little more ‘flex’ to your every day.

    They say variety is the ‘spice of life’ and our culinary team has been working hard to bring delicious discoveries to your dinner table every week! You told us you wanted more options in our Pronto Box and boy did we listen. But what does this look (and taste) like for your dinnertime routine? If you’re looking to add more plant-based meals to your diet, but don’t want to completely cut out meat and seafood, going flexitarian may be for you! And the benefits of eating less meat go way beyond the kitchen:

     1.  Decrease your eco-footprint

    Eating flexitarian by swapping meat for plant protein can help keep our planet green! Plant-based foods are produced using fewer resources like fossil fuels, land, and water. Need some plant-based dinner inspiration? Jump start your eco-friendly menu with our favourite plant-based proteins and recipes.

    2. No lock-in contract

    The name says it all! A flexitarian diet is easier to commit to than being a vegetarian since it allows for more flexibility for your preferences in taste and flavour. If you want to eat more plant-based foods, but you’re not quite ready to give up your steak, we totally get you. Flexitarian is the best of both worlds with no strict commitment. Think of it as a pledge to eat less meat. 

    3. Easier to cook and eat meals together

    The more the merrier, as we always say. But this can mean more dietary preferences around your dinner table. Have no fear, our Pronto Plan menu has plenty of variety to better cater to the taste buds of the whole family. By adding more vegetarian options to the Pronto Plan, you can choose your perfect menu combo and cook up flexitarian friendly meals for 3-4 nights a week. Check out our upcoming menus to get flexin’!   

    4. Encourage a more balanced diet

     Turns out you don’t have to eliminate meat completely to reap the benefits of being a vegetarian. Eating flexitarian emphasizes plants without being anti-meat. Plus, the plant-based component of the flexitarian diet will have you eating lots of fruits, veggies, and whole grains, leaving you satisfied and feeling lighter. (Pro Tip: Your flexin’ menu is served up best in a jar. Try these 3 Mason Jar Salads!)

    5. Saves you money

    With a flexitarian diet, no exotic ingredients are necessary! Plus, buying lots of meat can add up quick. Being mindful about your food choices not only helps you eat better, but it’s cheaper too. Cut down on the meat and opt for fresh produce, plant-based proteins like beans, and hearty grains like brown rice.

    Do you consider yourself a flexitarian? What’s your experience been like? Share with us in the comments below!

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    1 comment

    Sari says:

    Yes, I’d love to be a flexatarian, but does it mean the prices of the boxes will also be a bit cheaper?

    Amanda Li says:

    Hi Sari,
    Our box types and prices aren’t changing at the moment. We’re just offering you more options!