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August 7, 2020
by Katherine Sousa Lifestyle

    Fun food-inspired activities for kids, while you prep dinner!

    It’s that time of day – the children are “out of gas” and ready for lunch. While you’re at work and your children are spending the summer with the babysitter, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether they’re eating a balanced meal. We teamed up with to review our meals for families and create some fun food-inspired activities that can help keep the kids busy. 

    The team at Babysits’ were impressed with the ease of the recipes and the fresh, seasonal produce in every delivery. They prepared some of our kid-approved meals that would make a deliciously fun option for lunch for the whole family. You can read their full review here.

    Now we’re sharing some fun activities that Babysits created to help keep the kids busy while you prepare the meal. Inspired by HelloFresh recipes, Babysits designed two fun activities you can work on with your kids or can keep them busy while you prep lunch. 

    Ingredient Word Search

    While you’re prepping lunch or dinner, have your kids complete this food-inspired ingredient word search. Not only will it keep your kids attention, but it will also help familiarize them with new, fresh ingredients! From garlic, couscous and pepper – this word search is chock full of delicious ingredients and a whole lot of fun.

    Kitchen Clean-Up Checklist 

    This checklist can be a great game for kids, while also a helpful reminder to the babysitter to keep the kitchen clean. Make it a fun game, where the kids get a sticker every time every time they complete a task! Suddenly cleaning isn’t a chore, and it’s now a fun learning activity. 

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