How to Enjoy Your Next Staycation

August 12, 2020
by Jade Farhat Lifestyle

    Planning a summer staycation? We’re sharing our top tips on how to make the most of a vacation from the comfort of your home. 

    Taking a vacation isn’t always about hopping on a plane and staying in a hotel. You can have the refresh and relaxation you need from the comfort of your home. Whether you are looking to save a few extra bucks or you are in the mood to go on a vacation without the hassle of all the planning. We’re here to help you with our top tips on having the best staycation ever.

    The Planning Process

    1. Figure out your budget – Even though you won’t have to travel far for a staycation at home, you’ll still want to figure out how much money you have to spend on activities and food.
    2. Plan what you want to do – It doesn’t have to be down to every minute but plan what you’d like to get out of your staycation. Whether it’s a little relaxation or exploration – figure out the activities you can do in your home town or city that help fulfil those needs.
    3. Do all the necessary stuff at the start – If you need to grocery shop or clean the house, do that before your staycation! Spend the night before your planned staycation time doing all those daily life things. That way you can use your staycation for what you need it for – rest and relaxation.
    4. Remind yourself it’s supposed to be a vacation – It’s easy to get into your normal day-to-day chores on a staycation, but remind yourself that just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t relax and set aside the normal daily chores for a little while. Turn your phone off (or at least your work email notifications) – it’s a vacation and time to relax!

    Staycation Activities

    Now that we covered the basics of a staycation, let’s plan some activities! No matter what the goal of your staycation is, there’s an activity for you. Here are some of our favourites…

    • Bring the restaurant home – Whether it’s ordering in or letting HelloFresh do the planning for you, take away the stress of dinnertime.
    • Spa night in – Crack open a bottle of wine, put on some relaxing music, turn your phone OFF, and relax! Maybe even buy yourself a soft, fluffy robe because it’s vacation after all.
    • Breakfast picnic – Get out of the house for a little breakfast picnic. Try making one of our delicious granola recipes for a quick and easy park breakfast idea.
    • Buy a souvenir – Whether it’s a new mug or a new outfit. Buy yourself something new that will remind you of your staycation when you use it in the future.
    • Try something new – Whether it’s a new food or a new activity, find something new that you’ve always wanted to try and do it!
    • Take all the photos – When you’re on vacation, you take photos so you can look back and remember all the great memories. So don’t leave this part out just because you’re at home. Take all the photos you want during your staycation.
    • Create your own tasting – Whether it’s wine, beer, or kombucha, gather up some options from your local winemaker,  breweries, or health store and have yourself a little stay-at-home tasting. Plus, don’t forget to pair it with snacks!

    Now that we’ve given you the recipe for an amazing staycation, what are you waiting for? Time to book some time off work and get planning for your new favourite vacation destination – your home!

    Looking for more activities you can do at home? Bring the picnic to the comfort of your own home with these 5 tips on how to have a stay at home picnic!

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