Easy Halloween Costume Ideas to Reuse Your HelloFresh Box

October 29, 2018
by Amanda Li Lifestyle

     Skip the last-minute rush for a store-bought costume and DIY your own easy Halloween costume! Besides, you already have everything you need for a homemade Halloween getup, HelloFresh style. 

    easy halloween costume-HelloFresh

    It’s all fun and games until you realize Halloween is just around the corner and your perfect costume is nowhere to be found. Luckily, keeping all your delicious ingredients safe en route to your doorstep isn’t the only thing your HelloFresh box can do. It also doubles as an easy Halloween costume, with the help of a few art supplies that are hiding in your craft closet right now and a little imagination.

    Fuel your creativity with some spooky snacks and start crafting! And if you need some inspiration, look no further than your fellow HelloFresh homecooks.

    … like @suhei_love13, who turned into a mini oven (with the best headband we ever did see). Looks like dinner is ready!

    Or you could stay at home like @aebryant and turn into an adorable HelloFresh robot. Everyone could use a spook-tacular costume, even if you’re just passing out the candy.


    But if you need a little more inspo to get you to choo-choo around the block this trick-or-treat season, @life_in_the_lighthouse  has you covered with this colourful train that’ll be sure to get you to your destination (or to your treats) in no time!

    Did you DIY your own HelloFresh Halloween costume this year? We can’t wait to see! Don’t forget to tag your spooky costumes with #HelloFreshLife so we can bask in the glow of your boo-tiful creations.

    Once you’ve got your fill of Halloween treats, don’t let the fun stop there. We’ve got some delicious and Playful Snack Ideas that will be sure to give all the Halloween sweets a run for their money. PLUS they’re even kinda healthy, just don’t tell the kids.


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