10 Reasons Why We Love Hooked

August 29, 2018
by Brittany Tilstra Behind the Scenes

    Where your food comes from is just as important as how it tastes. We totally get that at HelloFresh. That’s why we’ve partnered with Hooked on all things seafood!

    Why we love working with Hooked:

    1) Hooked goes straight to the source and works directly with fish mongers to ensure transparency throughout the entire supply chain by managing their own freight.

    2) Hooked is owned by Dan and Kristin Donovan, a dynamic husband and wife duo, each with a professional culinary background.

    3) Hooked is focused on exceeding and innovating expectations when it comes to the “industry standard”.

    4) Part of their mission is to make seafood more approachable to homecooks. They even host cooking classes in their Toronto fish shop locations! Anyone want to take the shellfish class with us?

    5) All of our fish from Hooked is wild caught and therefore free of antibiotics.

    6) Hooked provides HelloFresh with detailed “spec sheets”. A spec sheet is a document we use to identify things like species name, catch method, catch region, harvest date, and processing details. This is incredibly important to us at HelloFresh. A report released on August 28, by Oceana Canada, revealed that nearly half of seafood samples tested in grocery stores and restaurants across the country were wrongly labelled. In partnership with Hooked, traceability is a core value that drives how we source seafood for HelloFresh recipes.

    “ We’ve worked with Oceana Canada on the issue incorrectly labelled seafood for some time now, and totally support their efforts. We avoid this problem by replacing long supply chains with respectful, direct relationships. Our constant diligence is for our customers who trust us with their seafood choices.”

    – Dan Donovan (Co-Owner of Hooked Inc.)

    7) We work with Hooked to make sustainable seafood choices when menu planning. For example: Salmon is our favourite and most featured fish because where the salmon live and the method used to catch wild salmon minimizes the possibility of bycatch (“Bycatch” is other species caught unintentionally).

    8) Our shrimp is farmed, but wait! This method is more sustainable and produces high quality shrimp. Since it is a closed environment, the farmers can monitor and control the troupe size and eliminate bycatch entirely.  BONUS FACT: A group of shrimp is called a troupe.

    9) Hooked even takes us along for the ride sometimes! Check out our visit to Wheatley, Ontario to visit the Taylor Fish Company.


    10) You can find Hooked’s delicious shrimp on the menu next week in our Warm Shrimp Poke Bowl, a customer favourite!


    Learn more about Hooked at hookedinc.ca

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