Dinner Tips for Busy Families

April 30, 2019
by Amanda Li Lifestyle

    Getting dinner on the table can sometimes be a struggle,  so we’ve put together these dinner tips to help curb the “what’s for dinner?’ questions in no time.

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    Plan ahead

    With an empty fridge and no dinner ideas, it can be tempting to reach for the takeout menu. Instead, use a weekly schedule to plan everything from meals to who’s in charge of cooking. Knowing in advance what you’re preparing will also make shopping for ingredients feel less chaotic, so we recommend creating a menu for the week to help you keep on track. Stressed about what to add to that menu? Our best-kept dinner secret is HelloFresh! As members of the #FreshFam know, meal planning is a breeze when you have up to 15 options to choose from each week AND we’ll even deliver all the ingredients and recipes to your door. Theme nights are also a fun way to keep your dinner routine fresh – #MeatlessMonday or #TacoTuesday anyone?

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    Have what you need

    There’s nothing worse than realizing in the middle of preparing dinner that you’re missing a key ingredient. Every kitchen master knows to keep certain spices, oils, and cooking staples in their pantry. But as you experiment with a variety of adventurous dishes (like the ones all over your Pinterest board) some new, obscure ingredients can slip through the cracks.

    The best way to combat this is in two easy steps. First, if you’re following dinner tip number one and planning ahead, you’ll be more on top of buying everything you need for the upcoming week’s meals. Second, handy phone apps can help you follow along with your recipes, and even send you reminders for what you need to buy and when so all your ingredients stay fresh.  Download the HelloFresh App so you can choose your meals on the go, set cooking timers, and access our massive collection of recipes in one place!

    Still, there will inevitably be mishaps. A great backup plan is to always have certain foods stocked in the freezer. Chicken can be a delicious substitute for many fish and beef dishes, different kinds of pasta can cover for another, and frozen veggies or whole grains can bail you out of an unforeseen dinner disaster.

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    Let the kids in on the fun

    If you have kids and they’re screaming for takeout, try including them in the planning process. If they’re part of the choice, you’ll KNOW they’ll love what you put on the table. You can even let the older kids be chefs a few days a week, and you’d be surprised at what they can create! It’s a fun learning experience for them and means that you’ll have some extra help in the kitchen. Plus, all of HelloFresh’s recipes come with easy-to-follow steps so even the beginner chefs in your home can create delicious meals!

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    Save your favourite recipes

    Hold onto those recipe cards and printouts for a rainy day! If you find a recipe that the family loves or you enjoy preparing, keep it in your “back pocket,” aka a binder or folder that’s easy to get to. Then you’ll have a permanent collection of recipes to turn to when you need extra inspiration or a last minute recipe. Dinner solved! Need some dinner tips to get you started? Try these family-approved recipes:

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    Let yourself slip up

    Let’s be real, sometimes even all the planning and preparation in the world can’t come together in time for dinner. Between deadlines at work,  soccer practices, ballet lessons, and keeping a social life alive – sometimes things just get crazy. That’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with letting yourself order takeout or treating your family to a dinner night out. Just make sure you’re making informed menu choices and not turning it into a regular habit.

    Share some of your favourite dinner tips in the comments!

    Once dinner’s solved, you can’t forget about those sweet endings. Here are some Colourful and Healthy Dessert Ideas for the whole family!


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