The Best Taco Recipes #StaffPicks

October 4, 2018
by Meka Kraut Our Recipes

    Here at HelloFresh, we LOVE tacos and know our customers do too. If there is one thing that reigns supreme in your feedback, it is love and devotion for all things taco! So, we asked the #FreshFam for their favourite taco recipes, so you can have some mexcellent dinner inspo this #InternationalTacoDay.



    1. Moo Shu Pork Tacos

    Top Taco Pick by Tyler, from Finance


    “It’s like my two favourite cuisines had a perfect baby! Chinese and Mexican flavours blend so well together in this one.”

    We know what Tyler’s cooking up tonight!

    2. Korean Beef Tacos

    Top Taco Pick by Olympia, from Sales 


    I really like having different types of flavours in my tacos. Our Korean Beef Tacos were no exception. Absolutely delicious and can’t wait until it’s back on our menus!”

    Fingers crossed, Olympia! Hey Culinary, are you reading this?

    3. Blackened Salmon Tacos

    Top Taco Pick by Brittany, from Marketing 


    “1) Avocados are not extra, they are necessary.

    2) Salmon was an unexpected twist on a fish taco.

    3) Both ingredients paired perfectly with the southwest spice (a HelloFresh custom blend!)”

    She had us at avocados! Add these Guacamole Recipes to guac your taco-world!

    4. Baja Fish Tacos

    Top Taco Pick by Kelsey, from Recruitment


    “Our best taco recipe has to be the Baja Fish Tacos. They’re light, crispy and full of flavourful ingredients. Pair it with a margarita and you’ll instantly feel like you’re at the beach!”

    Thirsty for a marg? These Fruity Margarita’s are begging for an invitation to your taco night!

    5. Southwestern-style Pork Fajitas

     Top ‘Taco’ Pick by Matt, from Culinary HelloFresh-taco-recipes-southwestern-pork-fajitas-taco recipes

    “My favourite HF taco is the Southwestern-Style Pork Fajitas (they count as a taco right?)… Mostly because my kids love it, it makes dinner easy and everyone gets to eat something delicious!”

    We hope these taco recipes capture your hearts like they did our #FreshFam.  Now, go give your friends and family something to taco ‘bout for dinner. Let’s get cooking!

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