Easy Asparagus Recipes: 5 Ways to Cook Our Favourite Spring Vegetable

June 1, 2021
by Ashley How to cook

    Of all the vegetables that start to fill the farmers’ markets come springtime, asparagus is one of our favourites! Not only is it a fantastic source of nutrients like folate and vitamin A, but it’s also incredibly versatile.

    Blend it into soups, grill it on the BBQ, or toss it with pasta no matter how you choose to cook it up, one thing is for sure: this ingredient will ultimately steal the show in any recipe.

    Nothing quite compares to the flavour of peak-season asparagus, and we’re gearing up to make the most of this vegetable while it’s at its freshest! Dig into our easy asparagus recipes below, and discover new ways to enjoy it this spring. 

    Person pan-frying asparagus

    Tips for Choosing and Storing Asparagus

    Keep an eye out for the following indicators of freshness and quality when you’re shopping for asparagus:

    1. Bright green or violet-tinged spears
    2. Firm, crisp stalks 
    3. Tightly closed and compact tips

    Asparagus should appear moist (not wet), and not dry or woody. If the tops are opening up or the bottom is dry, it’s likely past its prime.

    Both thin and thick spears are tender and flavourful, but you may want to consider how you’ll be using your asparagus before deciding what size to buy. Thicker stalks are better for broiling, grilling, and roasting because they can stand up to intense heat, while thinner spears are ideal for steaming and stir-frying. 

    Asparagus loses moisture quickly, but you can keep it fresh by treating it like cut flowers or fresh herbs: trim the cut ends, stand it in a glass of water, cover with plastic, and refrigerate for up to two days.

    5 Ways to Prepare Asparagus This Spring

    Herby Asparagus and Tomato Bake 

    Get all the fresh spring flavours you’re craving in one dish with this delicious and balanced recipe! Roasted asparagus, grape tomatoes, fresh oregano, and creamy feta are tossed with Israeli couscous, a tangy balsamic dressing, and crunchy pan-roasted pepitas. 

    Get the full recipe here: Herby Asparagus and Tomato Bake with Israeli Couscous, Oregano and Feta

    Plate of herby tomato bake dish HelloFresh recipe

    Roasted Shrimp and Asparagus Linguine 

    Celebrate the arrival of spring with not one, but two seasonal favourites in this decadent dish: asparagus and green peas. The snappy greens are balanced with shrimp, fresh dill, garlic, and creamy sauce for an easy pasta dinner that comes together in just 20 minutes.

    Get the full recipe here: Roasted Shrimp and Asparagus Linguine with Dill Cream Sauce

    Plate of shrimp and asparagus linguine hellofresh recipe

    Zucchini and Asparagus Farro Bowl

    This wholesome bowl has all the elements you want in a satisfying spring recipe: addictively chewy farro, tender-crisp asparagus, crunchy walnuts, and a big punch of flavour from lemon and Parmesan cheese.

    Get the full recipe here: Zucchini and Asparagus Farro Bowl with Parmesan and Lemon

    Zucchini and asparagus farro bowl in a bowl beside cutlery

    Asparagus Pizza Bianca

    Paired with basil, shallots, fresh mozzarella, and sweet fig jam, and piled onto fresh pizza dough, this might just be the ultimate way to enjoy asparagus! 

    Get the full recipe here: Asparagus Pizza Bianca with Fresh Mozzarella and Basil

    Pizza bianca with asparaus on a plate beside fork and knife

    Spring Veggie Risotto

    Creamy, Parmesan-enriched risotto showcases a spring-ready duo of asparagus and sweet peas in this delicious vegetarian dish. Every bite is bursting with seasonal flavours, and best of all it can be on the table in only 30 minutes.

    Get the full recipe here: Spring Veggie Risotto with Asparagus, Spinach, and Peas

    Keep the springtime flavours coming with even more delicious, seasonal recipes from these posts: 3 Homemade Juice Recipes for Spring and 4 Spring Soups to Get Back Into Your Cooking Groove This Season.

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