White Wine Spritzer Recipes For Summer

August 9, 2018
by Amanda Li Our Recipes

    It’s summer, which means you have a ton of outdoor entertaining ahead of you. But not to worry — these white wine spritzer recipes will make summer entertaining a total breeze. 

     White Wine Spritzer-HelloFresh

    There’s many weeks of warm and sunny weather ahead of us which means you’ve still got plenty of time to host summer get-togethers. Maximize your time enjoying the #FreshOutdoors with these vibrant white wine spritzer combos.  They’re pretty – Drinks and décor? Check. Plus, they’re a cinch to make. Seriously. If you think bar-tending is too complicated, think again! Each one requires just three simple steps:

    1. Add your favourite fruit combos to a cocktail/wine glass or mason jar.
    2. Fill  ¾ of your glass with your favourite chilled white wine.
    3. Top with club soda.
    4. Sit down, relax, and enjoy!

    Really. That’s it. Our fave fruit combos are below, but feel free to experiment with your own!

    Hosting Tip: Create a fun DIY White Wine Spritzer station by setting out cut fruit so your guests can create their own spritzer masterpiecs!

    1. Strawberry Watermelon White Wine Spritzer

    White Wine Spritzer-HelloFresh-Strawberry-Watermelon

    Summer isn’t complete without watermelon, so this red fruit combination is perfect! Add a sprig of mint and this spritzer is cool and refreshing.

    Fruit Mix: Strawberry, Watermelon, Mint.

    2. Citrus Mango White Wine Spritzer

    White Wine Spritzer-HelloFresh-citrus-orange-lemon-mangoSqueeze the day with this combo of orange fruits. We adore this combo for a citrus-y drink that is just the zest!

    Fruit Mix: Orange, Mango, Lemon.

    3. Kiwi Lime White Wine Spritzer

    White Wine Spritzer-HelloFresh-Kiwi-Mint-Lime

    “Lime yours!” – Is what your guests will say when you put this green beauty in front of them!

    Fruit Mix: Kiwi, Lime, Mint.

    4. Blueberry Blackberry White Wine Spritzer

    White Wine Spritzer-HelloFresh-Lemon-Blueberry-Blackberry

    This combo is berry delicious. But don’t take our word for it, make it yourself!

    Fruit Mix: Blueberry, Blackberry, Lemon.


    Tell us what your favourite fruit combos are! We’ll be mixing them up for TGIF at HelloFresh HQ.

    And of course, it’s not a warm-weather soireé without rosé. Win summer with these fruit (and pink) Summer Rosé Recipes!

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