Grilling and Chilling: Summer Soon-to-be Faves

July 28, 2022
by Shannon Eat Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    Summer is all about the BBQ grill. From firing up some juicy steaks to crisp veggies, there’s just something about the simplicity of a great BBQ’d meal that we just love!

    The only downside of summer? There’s often so much going on that prepping for dinner often takes a backseat. Luckily, HelloFresh is here to help, with new ready to grill items perfect for last minute dinners or bringing to the cottage or camping. Enjoy your backyard playdates and impromptu dinner parties knowing that you’ve got dinner covered.

    Ready to heat grill packs

    No need for a trip to the grocery store when you’re well-stocked with our summer grill packs. Stock up and keep a few on hand for those lazy summer dinners. You’re sure to have a few neighbours wandering over to smell what’s cooking!

    Steak and Chicken Grill Pack

    A BBQ classic. Thick, juicy steak is an absolute staple for any BBQ night. And of course, you can’t go wrong with succulent BBQ’d chicken.

    The perfect side dish: 

    Balance a heavy meat-focused meal with our light Harissa-Kissed Roasted Red Pepper Dip. The smooth dip contrasts perfectly with the tender meats, and gives everyone something to snack on while waiting for the main course.

    Pork and Chicken Grill Pack

    Red meat often gets all the praise when it comes to the BBQ, but trust us, this amazing combination of pork and chicken is anything but boring. The white meat brings out lighter flavours still ready to wow your tastebuds.

    The perfect side dish:

    Our new Sundried Tomato Focaccia is a tantalizing complement. Like a deconstructed pizza, these two dishes perfectly pair soft and chewy focaccia bread with savoury flavours from the pork and chicken.

    Shrimp and Salmon Grill Pack

    There’s nothing quite like BBQ’d seafood. The flame-kissed shrimp offers a savoury flavour that both kids and grown-ups will love. You’ll be fighting for the last one! But really, nobody’s the loser here, with tender, flaky salmon packing an Omega-3 fatty acid punch.

    The perfect side dish:

    We couldn’t choose just one! Our Crave Worthy Garlic Bread paired with the shrimp is an unreal combination that’s not to be missed. To complete your meal, add our Greek Orzo Pasta Salad and your favourite beverage.

    Halloumi and Portobello Grill Pack

    Cheese + BBQ = our love language. Halloumi is absolutely made for grilling, with the squeaky, salty flavour wowing us every time. Paired with earthy portobello mushrooms, there’s no reason for meat to get all the BBQ glory.

    The perfect side dish:

    Keep things vegetarian-friendly with our Fig-Dressed Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad, and give in to flavour. After all, you can never have too much cheese.

    There you have it! Some of our new summer favourites, ready to order and enjoy. The best part? Minimal prep, meaning you can have these on hand for last-minute BBQs, unexpected guests, or nights when you just don’t feel like eating indoors. Make the most of summer with new grilling options!  Find these grilling favourites at the bottom of your HelloFresh dinner menu, under the new expanded menu section.

    Got any other favourite summer grill combinations? Let us know on Instagram at @hellofreshca!

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