15 Sheet Pan Meals You Can Make in 35 Minutes or Less

March 5, 2021
by Ashley Eat

    Your dinner routine just got easier! Find all the inspiration you need to help you master the art of the sheet pan meal (and get dinner on the table as quickly as possible).

    Roasted chicken, tomatoes, and green beans baked on a sheet pan

    Here at HelloFresh, we love a fuss-free recipe. After all, our ready-to-cook meals were designed to de-stress your dinner experience and make you feel unstoppable in the kitchen. 

    But whenever we’re not whipping up a simple recipe from our ever-changing menu, you can bet we’re searching for new ways to incorporate one of the easiest all-in-one dinner solutions into our routine: sheet pan meals (AKA dinners you can make entirely – or almost entirely – on a single sheet pan).

    We definitely know a thing or two about cooking hacks, so trust us when we say: sheet pan meals will make your busy weeknights exponentially easier. Easy to assemble and even easier to clean up, these one-pan wonders will quickly become a go-to in your menu rotation.

    How to Make a Sheet Pan Dinner: 4 Foolproof Tips

    Before we dive into the recipes, we’ll let you in on a little secret: there is a bit of a technique that comes with making the perfect sheet pan meal.

    Although these low-maintenance meals are super simple to make, loading a single tray with haphazardly placed vegetables and protein might not yield the flawless dish you see splashed across your Instagram feed.

    The good news? With the following tricks and tweaks, you can make a sheet pan meal that tastes fantastic (and even warrants a few iPhone snaps) every time.

    • Get the right kind of pan. Choosing the right type of pan will make your cooking experience so much easier. For maximum ease, go with a rimmed half-sheet pan made of heavy-gauge metal. Not only will it withstand high oven heat, but it will also allow enough room for your ingredients to spread evenly throughout.
    • Avoid crowding. Crowding your baking sheet can lead to mushy veggies and over-cooked meals, so be sure to leave enough space for everything to properly roast and brown.
    • Know when to use wire racks. Most ingredients can be baked right on the pan, but in certain cases (like if you’re cooking breaded chicken and vegetables), elevating the chicken will allow hot air to circulate and keep it from becoming soggy.
    • Try preheating your pan. Tossing your pan in the oven as soon as you turn it on will jump-start the caramelization process and prevent hot spots from unevenly cooking your food.
    • Ensure easy clean-up. Line your pan with parchment paper or heavy-duty foil to avoid baked-on bits and keep clean-up to a minimum.

    Grilled chicken and vegetables on a sheet pan

    Chicken Sheet Pan Meals

    The next time you find yourself asking “What’s for dinner?”, look to these sheet pan chicken recipes for a meal the whole household will swoon over. It doesn’t matter who’s sitting at the dining room table – be it young kids, teens, or your partner – you’re guaranteed to find a dish that will be a hit with just about everyone.

    Keep things simple with our sheet pan roast chicken, or take your taste buds off the beaten track with an Indian-inspired chicken and cauliflower recipe – the options are endless!

    1. Savoury Sheet Pan Chicken

    2. Portuguese-Style Sheet Pan Chicken

    3. Spanish Sheet Pan Chicken

    4. Greek Sheet Pan Chicken and Veggies

    5. Sheet Pan Hoisin Chicken and Veggies

    6. Indian Sheet Pan Chicken and Cauliflower

    Indian Sheet Pan Chicken and Cauliflower

    Family-friendly Sheet Pan Dinners

    When it comes to easy dinner ideas the whole family will love, you can’t go wrong with these recipes. Not only are they simple and versatile, but they all offer a wholesome serving of protein and veggies for a beautifully balanced meal.

    The best part? The oven does most of the work, so you can make more time for what matters most: relaxing around the dinner table with your nearest and dearest.

    7. Sheet Pan Chicken and Balsamic Onions

    8. Italian Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner

    9. Sheet Pan Roast Chicken

    Italian Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner

    Turkey Sheet Pan Meals

    With deliciously dynamic flavours and easy-to-follow instructions, these recipes have all the makings of a well-rounded meal you can whip up in a flash. Not only are they packed with good-for-you ingredients, but they’re also guaranteed to make your dinnertime routine a breeze. 

    10. Sheet Pan Turkey Almondine 

    11. Harvest Turkey Sheet Pan

    12. Sheet Pan Turkey Poblano Fajitas 

    Harvest turkey sheet pan meal

    Calorie and Carb-conscious Sheet Pan Meals

    Who says you have to sacrifice flavour to hit your nutrition goals? These calorie and carb-conscious recipes have a wholesome balance of filling protein and fresh veggies, making it easy to stay on track while eating what you love.

    13. Tuscan Sheet Pan Chicken

    14. Sheet Pan Dukkah Chicken 

    Sheet Pan Dukkah Chicken

    Vegetarian Sheet Pan Dinners

    Skip the tried-and-true formula of meat and veggies for a fully vegetarian sheet pan meal. Whether you’re after an easy #MeatlessMonday dinner or another veggie-friendly recipe to add to your list, this Sheet Pan Tandoori Paneer will do the trick.

    15. Sheet Pan Tandoori Paneer

    Sheet Pan Tandoori Paneer

    Looking for more dinnertime hacks? We’ve got you covered with these tips to help you cook faster.

    And whenever you find those hectic weeknights getting a bit too, well, hectic, you can always rely on us to take care of the shopping, planning, and meal prep. We’ll deliver everything you need to make a home-cooked meal straight to your door – all you have to do is follow the step-by-step recipe cards and you’ll have dinner on the table in no time. Check out our flexible plans here!

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