12 Easy Chicken Recipes for Dinner

March 9, 2021
by Jade Farhat Eat

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner! These easy and delicious chicken recipes are perfect for any day of the week, and are picky-eater approved!

    Chicken is one of the most popular proteins around the world for a reason! It’s versatile, delicious and even picky-eaters love it. However it can get easy to fall into a routine and make the same meal over and over again. Time to shake things up with some quick and easy chicken recipes perfect for weeknight dinner.

    But first, here are some of our tips for making the best chicken recipes:

    • Chicken is fully cooked when the internal temperature is 165 degrees.
    • Chicken can be bland on its own. Don’t forget to give it some love and season it with your favourite flavours and spices.
    • Chicken is versatile, so you don’t be afraid to change up flavours and sides to go along with your chicken.

    Easy, Weeknight Chicken Recipes

    Chicken isn’t just for the weekends – it can be a great protein for weeknight meals too. So the next time you find yourself asking, “What’s for dinner?”, look to these easy weeknight chicken recipes that are even kid-approved! Each of these recipes is simple, delicious and perfect for weeknight dinner, whether they have a easy clean-up, a quick cook or require minimal ingredients.

    Go simple with a sheet pan chicken and veggies or shake things up a bit with some Spanish-inspired flavours – either way, these easy weeknight chicken recipes are sure to be a winner, winner, chicken dinner!

    1. Chicken and Lemon Caper Sauce

    2. Chicken and Bacon Cobb Salad

    3. Spanish Sheet Pan Chicken

    4. Greek Sheet Pan Chicken and Veggies

    Baked Chicken Recipes

    Your oven can take chicken from meh to DELICIOUS in just a few minutes. A powerful cooking tool that, when used right, can make delicious chicken recipes the whole family will love. The best part? Each of these meals are low-maintenance. That means you can prep dinner, pop it in the oven, and set the table because dinner will be ready in no time.

    Whether you’re looking for something with a little spice, or craving some Mediterranean flavour – these recipes are simple, delicious and baked to perfection.

    5. Baked Hot Honey Chicken

    6. Smoky Spiced Chicken

    7. Pesto Chicken with Lemony Couscous

    8. Greek-Style Chicken and Potatoes

    Quick Chicken Recipes

    Only have 20 minutes to spare for a delicious dinner? Don’t worry, these quick chicken recipes come together in just 20 minutes – yes, just 20 minutes from start to finish. So no matter how busy you are, you can have a homemade dinner on the table in no time.

    Whether you’re looking for something Japanese-inspired, a little chipotle spice, or for a Mexican-inspired dinner, you’ll be happy with any of these delicious 20-minute chicken recipes.

    9. Sesame Teriyaki Pulled Chicken Bowl

    10. Saucy Chipotle Chicken

    11. Easy Chicken Tetrazzini

    12. Speedy Chicken Tinga Bowl

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