5 Ways to Combat the Daylight Savings Blues

November 4, 2019
by Katherine Sousa Lifestyle

    Setting our clocks back this weekend may have given us an extra hour of sleep but it also took away an hour of afternoon light, and that hour lost affects us drastically more than the extra hour of sleep. Lack of daylight is a powerful mood changer but we’re here with five tips to help fight the Daylight Savings Blues. 

    Stay Active

    Keeping active helps keep your mood and energy levels up. Even just a simple walk will do the trick. So instead of hopping on the nearest bus or driving home from work, set aside some time to walk home.

    Keep active for increased wellbeing

    Prepare delicious, balanced meals. 

    Eating food that’s fresh, vibrant, and full of nutrients keeps your energy up. We understand that time is an issue in the Fall, that’s why we plan, shop and deliver everything for a delicious home cooked meal straight to your door. All you have to do is cook, eat, and enjoy!

    table of balanced healthy meals

    Stay Hydrated

    Lack of water increases fatigue, can cause headaches, and just all-around lower your mood. Keep water on you at all times to remind yourself to drink up. If it’s out of sight you’ll forget all about it, especially when you’re focused at work. 

    infused water

    Enjoy the Sun

    Our time with the sun is limited after Daylight Savings so it’s important to enjoy the time that we do have with it. Go for walks on your lunch break, work in a space with lots of windows, or take some time for a quick coffee or tea break during the day. Any excuse to get outside and enjoy the sunlight, right? 

    Focus on Your Wellbeing

    This season can be stressful juggling your personal life, work, and darker days. Spend some time every day, once a week or however often you need it to do something you love. It could be reading a book or watching a new show or baking – whatever it is dedicate some time to enjoy it without distraction.

    well balance meals for your wellbeing

    BONUS TIP: When in doubt curl up on the couch with a glass of wine, a big bowl of Tuscan Sausage Linguine and your favourite movie. Whether it’s dark outside or not, it’s sure to perk up your mood during the Daylight Savings Blues. 

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