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The Perfect Thanksgiving Menu

Holidays September 11, 2020

The Thanksgiving Box is back and better than ever. Our culinary team has developed the perfect Thanksgiving menu, delivered straight to your door. Get your while supplies last at hellofresh.(...)

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ON THE MENU: Long Weekend Grill Recipes for Canada Day

Eat June 15, 2020

Two weeks of delicious Long Weekend Grill Recipes for your Canada Day celebrations, no matter which weekend you choose to celebrate it on. 

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Creative Ways to Use Holiday Leftovers

Our Recipes December 25, 2019

Some people will say they love leftovers, others will say not so much. Whether you love them or hate them, we know you’ll love these two delicious recipes that use up your holiday leftovers in a unique and delicious way.

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4 New Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

Holidays December 13, 2019

Creating new traditions during the holiday season is actually just as much fun and enjoying old ones. So we’ve detailed for fun traditions that you can start celebrating year after year. 

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How to Host the Perfect Holiday Dinner

Holidays December 4, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, a holiday dinner party doesn't need to be stressful! Thanks to these five simple holiday dinner tips you'll be stress-free and able to fully enjoy the (...)

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ON THE MENU: Holiday Dinners with Dessert

Eat December 2, 2019

Enjoy holiday dinners all month long, thanks to two delicious new additions to the HelloFresh menu. 

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The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide

Holidays November 18, 2019

Got foodies in your life? This foodie gift guide is your one-stop shop for all the best food-related gifts this holiday season. 

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The Perfect Holiday Menu

Holidays November 13, 2019

There’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal around the holidays surrounded by the people you love. That’s why we’re delivering the perfect holiday menu right to your door.

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Creative Turkey Ideas For Thanksgiving

Holidays September 15, 2019

Turkey comes in all shapes and sizes and all are equally delicious. Just because you don’t want a full bird on Turkey Day, doesn’t mean you can’t still make turkey the star of your Thanksgiving feast.

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The Perfect Thanksgiving Menu

Our Recipes September 5, 2019

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as serving up a delicious and crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving dinner, so we’re delivering your Perfect Thanksgiving Menu.

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1 comment

Alishia says:

Yay! What a great Thanksgiving meal idea!
My daughter and I have discussed how great it would be if Hello Fresh provided meals that could be purchased to use for dinner parties. This Thanksgiving meal is on the right track!

A says:

Any vegetarian options? Like a tofurkey?

Sandra Healey says:

Very interested. Keep me posted, but need to know the “deets” re price, etc

Jen says:

How many would this thanksgiving dinner feed?

Pierrette Leger says:

I will not be ordering for approximately 6 to 8 weeks since I am having surgery on my right hand…I will continue to skip weeks on my menu until I am ready to order again…thank you.

Sue Eyre says:

This sounds awesome!! Am I able to increase my portion numbers tho?
I’m currently signed up for meals for 2, but usually I have around 8 for Thanksgiving, all big appetites, and we LOVE leftovers!
If it cant be done, I will just do it the usual way. (But the Hello Fresh way looks MUCH better!!)

Mary L Kendrick says:

What is the price for the Thanksgiving dinner?

Pam Lougheed says:

What will the quantity options be?

Juliana says:

I would love to see a vegetarian option

Robert Coleman says:

Can you supply for 14 people?

Bernadine says:

In your recipe for Sausage and Sage stuffing, do you cook the cut up vegetables as well as fry up the sausage meat before adding it to the cut up bread cubes? Or do you simply add the cut up vegetables and raw sausage meat to the bread cubes?