How to Host the Perfect Holiday Dinner

December 4, 2019
by Jade Farhat Holidays

    Contrary to popular belief, a holiday dinner party doesn’t need to be stressful! Thanks to these five simple holiday dinner tips you’ll be stress-free and able to fully enjoy the evening you’ve worked so hard to host. 

    Guest list

    enjoying a nice holiday dinner with friends

    Make sure you invite the right amount of guests over! There’s nothing worse than running out of food before everyone is satisfied or having an endless amount of leftovers for yourself. Guest lists should be one of the first things you plan for your dinner. The holidays are a busy time, make sure you send invites at least 3 weeks in advance so your guests can plan accordingly.


    holiday menu with turkey, mashed potatoes, Christmas food

    Plan out the menu in advance and make a list! That way, you won’t go to the grocery store scrambling for last minute ingredients. There’s nothing more stressful than going to the grocery store during the holidays. Keeping it to a minimum is key. Don’t forget to take your guests’ dietary restrictions into consideration so that no one is left hungry.

    Festive Holiday Inspired Drinks

    holiday cocktails and mocktails

    The secret to having a successful dinner party? Keeping the drinks flowing! Jokes aside, having a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available is essential and making them festive arouses merry moods! If you’re planning to be the hostess with the mostess, you’re in luck because we have tons of deliciously festive drinks you can offer your guests this time of year. Mix up these 12 Holiday Cocktails (and Mocktails)   to get the party started.

    Set the ambiance

    holiday table setting with candles and decorations

    Put some fun decorations up, set the table with holiday crackers, napkins, and table cards for each guest. Fresh flowers can go a long way and never underestimate the power of lighting — scattering little candles around the table is sure to set the holiday mood. Make a playlist (we recommend holiday music) beforehand so you can mingle without worrying about what you should play next!

    Pro-tip: Play peaceful and slow songs for the eating period as it will prompt guests to really take their time with the food and enjoy it.

    Have Fun

    Have fun while cooking and while your guests are over! After all the dinner party isn’t just for your guests, it’s for you too and you didn’t do all this work to not enjoy yourself.

    Pro tip: Clean up as you go, so that you’re not left thinking about the huge mess you’ll have to clean afterwards.

    Want to be the ultimate host? Order our Holiday Box. The perfect holiday feast to feed your friends or family! Impress them with a juicy rolled turkey that has white and dark meat (something for everyone!). On the side you will receive:

    • Gravy from turkey drippings
    • Cranberry Sauce with clementines
    • Sausage Stuffing with apples and dried cranberries
    • Butternut Squash with maple syrup and Holiday spice
    • Mashed Potatoes
    • Brussel Sprouts with bacon
    • Glazed Carrots

    and we got dessert covered as well, because what is a dinner party without a dessert! Serve your guests these easy but delicate Apple Almond Crostada.

    So if you want to take us up on your offer and let us take care of the menu so you can cut out a huge chunk of planning and shopping, you can order our Holiday Box here!

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