Benefits of a Rolled Turkey November 25, 2019

by Jade Farhat Holidays

Here at HelloFresh, we are all about making dinner easy and delicious. Our holiday box features a rolled turkey to save you cooking time, so you can spend more time with friends and family this holiday season. Because let’s be real — that’s what the holidays are all about! 

hellofresh holiday rolled turkey

Our Holiday box has 9 dishes in total, a delicious dessert, 2 sauces, 5 sides and the main event, the reason we are all here, the turkey! Ease and comfort are two things you will have while cooking our Holiday Box dinner.

What should you expect?

The main event is a sage roasted turkey, delivered in netting, to ensure quality and ease. After your turkey is thawed, our step-by-step instructions help you serve a stress free holiday dinner in 3 hours.

What is a rolled turkey?

Our rolled turkey is made with whole turkey breasts, legs, and raised without the use of antibiotics.

Where do the Turkey’s come from?

We get our turkeys from our amazing supplier Hayter’s. Hayter’s is a family-owned farm that has been around for three generations!

rolled turkey for the holidays

Why is a rolled turkey easier to cook?

We have done the work for you by de-boning the turkey and rolling it up so it cooks evenly and quickly. Plus, carving is easy peasy with no bones to cut through! This boneless roast is the best option for guests who like white and dark meat. To keep the turkey moist and juicy, the meat is lightly brined with salt. To sum it all up: it’s just like a turkey but without the bones to reduce cooking time and provide a more convenient serving experience. 

How long does it take to cook?

Regular turkeys are around the 10-pound mark and can take over 4 hours to cook.  Our turkey is 5 pounds and takes 2.5 hours to cook — so we have basically cut the time in half! Let your turkey rest for 20 minutes after cooking, and enjoy perfectly juicy white and dark meat every time.

How many people does it serve?

Our Holiday dinner serves 6 people with 2 slices of turkey each!

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