BBQ Tips: From Steaks to Salmon

July 12, 2019
by Meka Kraut How to cook

    These BBQ tips are ready for grilling! Enjoy the fresh, flavourful foods of summer with family and friends in the #FreshOutdoors by firing up the BBQ. But, before you do, check out these pro tips so you can grill anything from steaks and chicken to salmon and bacon like a total pro!

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    Get grilling with your favourite proteins and follow these BBQ tips to achieve flavour greatness!

    1. Steak

    Nothing can beat a perfectly-cooked steak grilled in your very own backyard. A juicy steak is easy to achieve by following these simple, grill-tastic tips.

    PREP: Keep at room temperature for an hour before cooking.

    SEASON: Season generously with salt. Salt will help your steak stay nice and juicy as it cooks up on the grill.

    COOK: Set up a two-zone grill with a super-duper hot side to sear the meat and a not-so-hot side to finish the cooking.  

    Pro Tip: Use a meat thermometer to check if your steak is done. (Remove at 140°F for Medium-Rare, 155 °F for Medium, and 160°F  for Well-Done). Remember that your steak  will continue cooking for a bit once removed from grill, so be sure to let it rest before cutting!  

    BBQ Tips-Meat-BBQ-HelloFresh-Butter Basted Steak

    Our Great-to-Grill steak recipe?  This mouthwatering Rosemary and Butter-Basted Steak.  

    2. Salmon

    Let’s get real. Your BBQ was made for so much more than just hamburgers and hot dogs! Salmon is a healthy and tasty option that grills up beautifully for any occasion. 

    PREP: No-skin fillets? Use a piece of foil, punch a few holes in it, drizzle with oil, and place the salmon on top.

    SEASON: Keep it simple and drizzle with oil and season with salt & pepper.

    COOK: Heat your grill to medium-high, then brush with oil to keep those precious salmon fillets from sticking to the grill.

    Pro Tip: Do not disturb while cooking and let sit for a couple minutes when finished. We know the urge to dig in right away is real, but try to resist the temptation!

    BBQ Tips-Meat-BBQ-HelloFresh-Salmon

    Our Great-to-Grill salmon recipe? Try this Roasted Salmon with Crispy Potatoes, Burst Tomatoes and Green Beans

    3. Burgers

    The secret to a successful BBQ bash? Juicy burgers! This summer, try these simple burger BBQ tips to score big points with your BBQ guests!

    PREP: Make a small dent in the centre of your patty. You can use your thumb! This will keep the burger flat to support the Jenga stack of toppings you load on.

    SEASON: Salt patties once they are formed and moments before hitting the grill. This last minute step will keep your burger from drying out on the grill.

    COOK: High heat and only flip once (the less flipping, the better!)

    Pro Tip: DO NOT press down on the patties while cooking or you’ll release those precious juices.

    BBQ Tips-Meat-BBQ-HelloFresh-Burger-Cauliflower

    Our Great-to-Grill burger?  These life-changing Caramelized Onion Burgers! 

     4. Chicken

    Tired of chicken coming off the grill dry, tough, and chewy? You’re not alone! Prepping and cooking chicken correctly will yield exceptionally juicy results! Get perfectly cooked chicken every single time with chicken BBQ tips from the Fresh Fam!

    PREP: Give ’em a good pound to flatten before grilling.

    SEASON: Season liberally with salt and pepper to add flavour and ensure juiciness!

    COOK: Cooking at a lower grill temperature is ideal for your chicken to cook through without burning.

    Pro Tip: Like it saucy? Wait to brush your chicken with sauce until it’s almost finished cooking.

    BBQ Tips-Meat-BBQ-HelloFresh-BBQ Chicken

    Our Great-to-Grill- chicken recipe? Look no further – this BBQ Chicken Thighs are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser! 

    5. Bacon

    What meal isn’t improved by flavourful, crispy bacon? More than just a topping, up your grill game and add some bacon to your backyard summer menu. Or just eat it straight off the grill… We won’t judge!

    PREP: Place slices on a sheet of aluminium foil or place slices directly on grill.

    SEASON: Not necessary! Bacon’s full of flavour on its own so just throw it on the grill as is.

    COOK: Low and slow, people. Low and slow!  Cook 15-20 minutes on low heat, turning occasionally.

    Pro Tip: Place the slices away from direct/high heat to prevent the fat from flaming.

    BBQ Tips-Meat-BBQ-HelloFresh-Bacon Orzo

    Our Great-to-Grill bacon recipe? A summer BBQ isn’t complete without a big bowl of pasta salad! Serve our Lemony Orzo Pasta Salad with Crispy Bacon for a sure-fire hit!  

    Need some more tips? We’ve got you covered with How To Grill (Almost) Anything.

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