5 Ways to Take Better Food Photos

October 7, 2020
by Katherine Sousa Tips and Tricks

    Let’s be honest with ourselves—sharing pictures of our food is not only totally acceptable, it’s totally fun! We’re sharing 5 ways you can up your #foodporn game and take better food photos. 

    Looking to up your food photo game on Instagram? We know what it’s like to want to share your cooking triumphs with everyone. So next time you decide that yes, you absolutely nailed that recipe today, here’s how to perfect your #foodporn photos before sharing them for social media to drool over.

    Perfect Your Lighting

    Light is the key to all still life photography! Good light can go a long way for upping your photography game. We’d recommend bringing your subject close to one of your windows where you get a lot of natural light. For more contrast, brighter colours, and sharper shadows play with some direct sunlight. Shadows created by strong sunlight can make a good addition to the elements in a shot, but make sure they don’t overpower the photo and take away from the photo.

    better food photo lighting

    Think About Your Angles

    While the perfect angle will depend on the type of food you’re shooting, play with angles and don’t be scared to try something different! Plated foods generally look great when shot from above because you can easily see every element on the plate. For something like a sandwich or a burger, try shooting from a side angle: it helps you capture the layers and height.

    better food photos angles

    Be Creative With Composition

    Think about how you want to arrange your shot. You don’t have to just take a picture of a single plate, you can also add additional plates or cutlery to create a scene. Showing multiple plates or extra elements in your background can create depth and visual interest.

    better food photo composition

    It’s All About Action

    Adding action to a photo helps tell a story. Creating movement within a still image has the ability to stop people mid-scroll. It makes the photo look more dynamic and adds a human touch to the story you are trying to tell.

    better food photos action shots

    Setup the Scene

    Decorations or props can go a long way. Bring props into a shot or show food in an “imperfect” way. It can be as simple as taking a slice out of a cake. This makes the shot look real while providing an interesting visual to compliment the central focus of the photo.

    better food photo scene props

    Now that you’ve learned how to take better food photos, we want to see them. Tag your photos with #HelloFreshLife and we’ll repost our favourite ones. Think you’ve got what it takes? Start snappin’! Plus, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for even more delicious #foodporn.

    Why not practice some of your new found food photo skills with our Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Both a delicious and show-stopping subject.

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