15 Recipes That Pair Perfectly with Caesars

May 20, 2021
by Jade Farhat Our Recipes

    Happy National Caesar Day! Celebrate in style with food and Caesar pairings that are a match made in summer cocktail heaven. 

    Nothing says “summer is here” quite like an ice-cold Caesar. This well-loved drink is more than just a cocktail it’s a national delicacy, a brunch staple, a hangover cure, and depending on the garnishes, a meal in itself. 

    This oh-so-Canadian cocktail can be enjoyed any time of day, but if you’re looking for another excuse to bust out Mott’s Clamato and mix one up today, here it is: today is National Caesar Day!

    Just in time for the first long weekend of summer, we’ve partnered with Mott’s Clamato to bring you delicious food and Caesar pairings that were made for sunny skies and al fresco dining.

    The Best Caesar Garnishes

    First things first before we dive into our favourite food and Caesar pairings, let’s tackle another important component of this cocktail: garnishes.

    When it comes to Caesar toppings, anything goes! Keep it simple with celery and spicy beans, or up your garnish game with over-the-top additions like beef sliders and grilled cheese. The possibilities are endless and there’s truly no wrong way to top your Caesar. 

    Here are some of the best traditional and not-so-traditional Caesar garnishes:

    • Celery
    • Olives
    • Pickled green beans
    • Dill pickles
    • Pickled peppers
    • Pepperoni sticks
    • Salami
    • Bacon
    • Cocktail onions
    • Bacon-wrapped shrimp

    15 of Our Favourite Recipes to Pair with Caesars 

    Caesars aren’t just for breakfast or brunch! Their savoury, sweet, and spicy flavours round out everything from seafood dishes to grilled meat and so much more. 


    Can you think of a more perfect barbecue and beverage pairing than a burger and a Caesar? Sure, beer and wine work too, but if you really want to take your meal to the next level, a savoury Caesar is the ultimate choice.

    Pair your Caesar with these burger recipes:

    Cheesy Brie and Beef Burgers

    Get the recipe!

    Homestyle Cheese Curd and Beef Burger

    Get the recipe!

    Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Burgers

    Get the recipe!

    Veggie Poblano Cheddar Burger

    Get the recipe here!


    There’s a reason you often see shrimp served as a garnish on Caesars these two complement each other so well. 

    Ditch the shrimp cocktail at your next summer cookout and whip up one of the shrimp recipes we’ve listed here instead. Wash it all down with a Caesar, and you’ve got a delicious summer pairing you can make all season long.

    Pair your Caesar with these shrimp recipes:

    Pub Style Shrimp Cocktail

    Get the recipe!

    Classic Surf and Steak Dinner

    Get the recipe

    Pesto Shrimp Pizzas

    Get the recipe!


    Drawing more inspiration from popular Caesar garnishes, bacon makes for a mouthwatering accompaniment to this quintessential patio sipper, especially if you like your Caesar on the sweeter or smokier side.

    Pair your Caesar with these bacon recipes:

    Bacon-Wrapped Chicken

    Get the recipe here!

    BLT Pasta

    Get the recipe here!

    Maple Shrimp and Chili Bacon 

    Get the recipe here!


    When Walter Chell the inventor of the Caesar created the original Caesar recipe in 1969, he drew inspiration from spaghetti alle vongole, a pasta dish made with tomato sauce and clams. So, it’s safe to say that pasta is a foolproof pairing with this zesty cocktail.

    Tomato and oil-based pasta (rather than anything with a creamy sauce) work well with Caesars, so opt for something like our Fusilli Aglio e Olio a simple dish brimming with big flavours.

    Fusilli Aglio e Olio

    Get the recipe here!

    Caprese Pasta with Fresh Mozzarella

    Get the recipe here!

    Grilled Cheese

    When we say “grilled cheese,” we’re not just referring to the classic sandwich (though that pairing definitely works too!) we’re talking about any dish that features grilled, melty, gooey cheese as the main event.

    Cheese and tomatoes go hand in hand, so pairing your Caesar with dishes that feature cheddar, mozzarella, halloumi, or goat cheese are guaranteed to be a winning combo.

    Pair your Caesar with these cheesy recipes:

    Grilled Mozzarella Bun

    Get the recipe here!

    Halloumi-Stuffed Peppers

    Get the recipe here!

    Mozzarella-Crusted Chicken

    Get the recipe here!

    Now that your long weekend menu is sorted, it’s time for a Caesar! Head over to Mott’s Clamato for recipes that’ll have you mixing up your next Caesar like a pro, and get inspired with more summer-ready meals here: Our Favourite Grill Recipes.

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