Top-Rated Burger Recipes for Summer

July 2, 2019
by Amanda Li Our Recipes

    Say goodbye to frozen grocery store patties and get your burg’ on this summer with these top-rated burger recipes.

    Classic burger recipes with your standard ketchup and mustard are great, but have you tried these burgers?

    Pork and Apple Burger

    Juicy pork and sweet apple are the perfect unexpected pair in this kid-approved burger recipe.

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    Salmon Burger

    Salmon patties are so easy to make from scratch and this burger is both refreshing and delicious.

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    Greek Lamb Burger

    This unique burger features a Greek Lamb twist and will have you cheering “OPA!” in no time.

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    Cajun Chicken Burger

    We’re un-Cajun the beast of great taste with this burger. Plus, with DIY Dill Mayo you can’t go wrong.

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    Sriracha Turkey Burger

    Ground turkey makes for a fantastic lean burger patty. Throw in some sriracha and we promise this burger will set your taste buds on fire with flavour.

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    In search of more than just top-rated burger recipes? These Top-Rated Mexican Recipes will have you throwing a fiesta in no time.

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