Special Recipes To Elevate Dinnertime

August 8, 2019
by Jade Farhat Our Recipes

    Enjoy a delicious restaurant-style meal cooked by YOU in the comfort of your own home. 

    Elevated, steakhouse-worthy, full-bodied — a few words that describe our new special meals. We know how much our loyal customers love our recipes week after week, so we created these recipes that are perfect for Sunday night dinner or date night in!

    Classic Surf and Steak Dinner

    Our classic surf and steak dinner is the perfect date night dinner idea! Creamy garlic mashed potatoes are served with a deliciously creamy sauce starring tarragon and dijon mustard. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about those greens — lightly crisped broccoli florets tie all the flavours together.

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    Crispy Skinned Chicken Dinner

    Doesn’t that recipe name just make your mouth water? Perfectly roasted spatchcock chicken is the star of this special recipe. Served with delicious pan gravy, crispy fries, fresh tangy coleslaw, AND pull-apart bread, we can’t decide which sounds better, the sides or the main!

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    Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Chicken

    Swiss and bacon stuffed chicken breast is served with fresh kale slaw and sweet cherry tomatoes. The whole meal is upgraded with delicious chive aioli and classic roasted potatoes. Can you say yum?

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    Montreal-Spiced Bacon-Wrapped Steak

    BACON. WRAPPED. STEAK. We saved the best for last! This pan-seared steak gets wrapped in delicious crispy bacon, drizzled with rich pan sauce then topped with crispy onions. Our culinary team’s creamy mash with herbs and garlicky green beans are the perfect opening act for the main event. We know you need this meal in your lives. The best part?  It’s back on the menu the first week of September.

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    Your perfect meal starts right here, so keep an eye out for our weekly specials on the menu each week. 

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