Restaurant-Worthy Dinners You Can Make at Home

April 3, 2020
by Katherine Sousa Eat

    Bring the restaurant to your dinner table thanks to these 5 restaurant worthy dinners you can make at home!

    You don’t need to be a professional chef to have a delicious, restaurant-worthy dinner at home. Enjoy mouthwatering dinners like our BBQ Pork Ribs or Chinese Glazed Roast Chicken in your comfy clothes. The whole family will be asking how you made it!

    Garlicky Shrimp Linguine Alfredo

    restaurant worthy dinner seafood pasta

    Talk about a seafood feast! Get cooking this Garlicky Shrimp Linguine Alfredo and enjoy a 5-star dinner in just 35 minutes! Bright and briny flavours of the sea are balanced with a rich alfredo-style sauce, crisp snap peas, and zesty garlic. This is a gar-lick-the-plate-clean kind of meal! Get the recipe here.

    Montreal-Spiced Bacon-Wrapped Steak

    restaurant worthy steakhouse dinner

    Bacon-wrapped steak, need we say more? Impress everyone around your dinner table with this Montreal-Spiced Bacon-Wrapped Steak. The tender pan-seared steak gets the royal treatment with salty, crispy bacon wrap and a rich pan sauce. Creamy mashed potatoes and garlicky green beans round out this winning weeknight dish. Get the recipe here.

    BBQ Pork Ribs

    bbq pork rib dinner at home

    A delectable Rib dinner in 35 mins?!? You better believe it because these BBQ Pork Ribs are just as good as any restaurant rib dinner, except it comes together in no time! Layers of creamy, cheesy potatoes topped with fall-off-the-bone bbq-glazed ribs and a kale salad with sweet apricot dressing. Simple, convenient, and delicious! Get the recipe here.

    Ultimate Chicken Burgers

    restaurant style ultimate chicken burger recipe

    Bring a little southern flare to your weeknight dinner. These Ultimate Chicken Burgers are topped with a true southern treat – pimento cheese! Roasted red peppers, mayo, and cream cheese combine for an ooey-gooey topping that’s bursting with flavour. Grab some napkins and get ready to dig in! Get the recipe here.

    Classic Surf and Steak Dinner

    restaurant worthy surf and turf dinner

    What’s the ultimate restaurant-worthy dinner? Surf and turf of course! Believe it or not, this surf and turf dish is packed with flavour and super simple to come together. Pan-seared steaks, smooth mashed potatoes, and garlic shrimp cooked to perfection and topped with a creamy sauce starring tarragon and dijon mustard for the ultimate family dinner. The perfect partners-in-sauce! Get the recipe here.

    Even better let us do the prep for you! We’ve got a special recipe on our menu weekly do you can have the ultimate date night at home without all the planning. Plus, don’t forget about dessert! Try our Lemon Berry Swirl Mini Cheesecakes for the perfect end to a restaurant-worthy dinner.
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