Kid-Approved Meal Plan Your Whole Family Will Love

May 19, 2020
by Jade Farhat Eat

    If you have kids that are picky eaters, it can be easy to fall into a food rut and make the same thing over and over again. We’re here to help! We’ve created a delicious, kid-approved meal plan that the whole family will love. 

    Say goodbye to making three different meals to please everyone at dinner time, and hello to easy-breezy meals everyone will love. There are tons of meal plans out there for adults featuring avocado toast and oatmeal. We love both those things, but understand that a lot of kids don’t. This kid-friendly meal plan is delicious and balanced, so you can be at ease knowing your kids are getting all the veggies in.

    #FreshTip: Kids that get involved in the cooking process, are more likely to try new foods if they helped prepare them.

    Breakfast: Colourful Smoothies

    healthy colourful smoothies for kids

    You can’t go wrong with a nutrient-packed smoothie! Smoothies have all the flavours kids love but also allow you to sneak in some nutrient-dense greens and other veggies! Plus, the colourful exterior keeps kids happy. Get the kids involved by allowing them to add the ingredients to the blender and once ready, hit the blend button! Check out our four deliciously creamy and nutrient-packed colourful Tahini Smoothies here!

    Lunch: Grilled Cheese

    grilled cheese kids and parents will love meal plan

    Who doesn’t love grilled cheese? Whether you’re 10 or 40, grilled cheese is a great option for lunch when paired with a fresh salad. Plus, you can get creative with the classic with these grilled cheese sandwiches recipes! Or you can have some fun family time by building your own grilled cheese lunch! Let your kids choose what they add their grill cheese like jams, veggies, and more! Don’t forget to get your kids involved in the salad making, so they’ll be more likely to eat their leafy greens! Depending on their age, you can get them to chop veggies, make a dressing, or toss the salad.

    Snack: Bear Toast

    kid-approved bear toast snacks

    Whether your child prefers sweet or savoury, we’ve got the perfect snack for your family. No kid-friendly meal plan is complete without a snack and these bear toasts are the perfect treat! Picky eaters may have just met their match, which means parents are about to meet their new snack time go-to’s. Then again, these snack ideas for kids are so adorable, why limit it to just the little ones? Top some slices of whole-wheat toast with your favourite spreads (like chocolate, yogurt, and peanut butter) and finish with some fresh fruit for a nutrition kick. Plus, they’re so easy that your kiddos can make them on their own!

    Dinner: Chicken Fingers

    kid-approved coconut crusted chicken fingers

    Win parent of the year with this crowd-pleaser: Coconut Crusted Chicken Fingers, with green beans and sweet potato fries! Crispy panko and flaky coconut give ordinary chicken fingers a major boost and leave you and your little ones happy. Homemade chicken fingers are a healthier alternative to frozen chicken fingers. Paired with tender green beans and sweet potato fries, your family will get the food they love that also happens to be packed with nutrients. Make this a family affair by letting your kids coat the chicken in bread crumbs and help wash the produce!

    Did we hear the words “what’s for dessert?”. Can we even call this a kid-approved meal plan without including something sweet? Check out these healthy dessert ideas if you and your family have a sweet tooth! (Don’t worry, they’re healthier alternatives, we promise).


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