Infused Water: Simple, Delicious, & BEAUTIFUL!

May 1, 2016
by Brittany Tilstra Our Recipes

    Hydrate like a pro with our refreshingly simple infused water ideas.


    Let’s talk about our good old friend, H20.

    We cook with the stuff, shower in it, and guzzle it down after a long run. Sparkling or flat, loaded with ice or lukewarm, water is the classic thirst-quencher as old as time itself. And if you haven’t already heard, it’s super important to hydrate properly, especially as the months get warmer. After all, our bodies are made up of 60% water. This means we have to down a heck of a lot of it to make up for what’s lost daily (and by a “heck of a lot,” we mean eight glasses).

    The only bad part? It tastes like, well, nothing.

    That’s where these infusions can really come in handy! Not only are they a great alternative to fizzy drinks and juices (much lower in sugar for a start), but they can boost your immune system and keep you fighting fit. Added bonus: they’re GORGEOUS. Is #Instadrink a thing? Let’s get it trending, people.

    Lemon & Blueberry


    A great and refreshing combination is water with blueberry and lemon. Both ingredients are natural remedies more than pull their weight when it comes to health fix. Lemons are high in vitamin C, can aid metabolism and are anti-bacterial, so they’re perfect thing to add to your daily 2 litres. Blueberries can help to reduce cholesterol and are also a great source of vitamin C, so this immune boosting combo is perfect for a change in the seasons.

    Strawberry, lemon and mint


    We’ve got lemon is this one again, but this burst of freshness is for the sweet tooth. Delicious strawberries are anti-inflammatory and also add beautiful flavour, while mint aids in digestion and freshens breath.  We reckon this one is perfect for lifting your mood.  After all, who doesn’t need a little pick-me-up on a grey day?

    Raspberry, lime and mint


    This one might be our favourite! Mint is fantastic to have with water – it aids in digestion, soothes sore tummies and leaves you feeling fresh as a daisy. Anti-inflammatory raspberries and immune boosting lime complete this trio which is really too tasty not to be tried. One sip and you’ll be addicted !

    Grapefruit & Rosemary


    A perfect aromatic combination, exceptional for enjoying on a day when you feel the sniffles coming on. Rosemary is often used in savoury dishes, but with ruby red grapefruit it’s perfect for a refreshing brew that is detoxifying and protect from bacterial infections. A surprising combination that’s well worth a try!

    Cucumber, lemon and basil


    Not only is cucumber incredibly hydrating, it’s packed full of nutrients, especially skin friendly ones like magnesium, potassium and vitamin K. Along with trusty lemon and fresh basil, this is green and fresh in a glass! Virtually sugar-free, you can sip away on this combination all day knowing your teeth are safe, and even enjoy a crunchy cucumber snack if you fancy.

    So go on, take a sip, and enjoy! We promise your hydrated-self will thank you.

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