How to Make a Charcuterie Board

February 5, 2021
by Katherine Sousa Eat

    Looking to master your charcuterie board skills? We’re breaking down to how to make a charcuterie board—the perfect grazing board for date night.

    Charcuterie boards are not only beautiful, but they’re a great way to enjoy a medley of delicious snacks. Charcuterie boards are cured meats, fruit, nuts, cheeses, and other snacks loaded onto a wood board. Meant for grazing on, charcuterie boards are perfect for snacking or date night eats.

    Whether you’re looking for a pre-dinner snack for your HelloFresh Valentine’s Day meals or you need some late-night movie snacks for you and your significant other–charcuterie boards are the answer! We’re breaking down how to build the perfect charcuterie board, from the meats and cheese to everything in between.

    Cured Meats

    Cured meats are the name of the game for charcuteries boards. After all, charcuterie is a French term for cooking devoted to prepared meats like bacon, ham, and sausage. Add a variety of meats to your board that has different flavours and textures for the best experience. Some of our favourite meats are genoa salami, pastrami, prosciutto, and cacciatore salami.


    Another monumental component of a good charcuterie board is the cheese! We like to make sure we have various flavors, saltiness, and textures when it comes to cheeses. Plus, ensuring the flavours complement your meat selection is a great way to make a cohesive board. Wedges of blue or brie cheese always make a statement, plus we also enjoy cheddar, gouda, and goat. Plus, don’t forget to add some serving knives!


    Meats and cheeses can be heavy, so adding fruit to a board adds colour and a burst of freshness. Fruits like grapes are a go-to, but strawberries, apples, and pears are also a great addition. Plus, don’t just stop a fresh fruit; dried fruit is also a delicious component to grazing boards. You can never go wrong with dried cranberries and raisins.

    Jams and Jellys

    Jam out and add a sweet touch to your board with some of your favourite jams and jellies. Fig, blueberry, cherry–the choice is yours!

    Crackers and Breads

    Now that you have all your delicious cheese and meats, you’ve got to put that on something, right? Crackers and bread are a delightful vessel for cheese, cured meats, and all the charcuterie fix-ins. Chips, crackers, and pieces of bread like focaccia are all a delicious option!


    Charcuterie boards are pretty on their own, but there’s nothing wrong with something extra! Herbs, olives, and pickled veggies are a great way to round out the flavour of your charcuterie board.

    Pair with wine!

    Now that you’re a master of charcuterie boards, all that’s left to do is pair it with wine for a delicious evening in.

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