5 Fun Family Activities to Do at Home

February 8, 2021
by Katherine Sousa Eat

    5 fun family activities to do at home so you can still make the most out of your long weekend.

    We’re all spending more time at home, and it’s easy to run out of activities to keep the family entertained, especially on a long weekend. It’s not easy staying at home all the time, especially for this length of time. We’ve rounded up five simple activities that are fun for the whole family and will keep you busy all weekend long.

    Cook or Bake Together

    We can’t say it enough, cooking together is one of our favourite ways to bond. It is fun to do, you learn a lot along the way, and you get to eat the final product! Whether you prefer to cook or bake, let your kids choose one of their favourite recipes and cook together as a family. HelloFresh is a great way to do this. As a family, you get to pick your favourite recipes, and all the ingredients get delivered to your door. All that’s left to do is get cooking with the family! Don’t forget to divvy up the tasks accordingly. Order your box for some immediate family fun.

    Indoor camping

    It may be cold out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go camping! Instead, turn your living room into your campground. Set up a tent, lay out some sleeping bags, and get ready for some family fun. Don’t forget to stalk up on snacks; s’mores ingredients mandatory, especially if you want to try our delicious Strawberry S’mores Skewers! All that’s left to do is tell stories around the “campfire.” Bonus points if you turn on the fireplace channel or pop open a fireplace video for a little extra ambiance.

    Movie night

    You can never go wrong with a family fun movie night! With so many fun family classics to go around, you can take turns each getting to pick a movie. Then make some popcorn (get some delicious recipes here ) and make yourself cozy. Blankets and fuzzy socks are a must! Bonus points if you pair your movie time snack with the theme of your movie.

    Explore New Foods

    Explore the unknown, in foods, that is! It can be hard to get kids to try new foods and flavours, but when you do it together as a family, it can be a fun and exciting way for everyone to try something new. Try and get a variety of different ingredients that all of you haven’t tried before for even more fun.

    Game night

    Another classic for a reason, game nights are never a bad idea. Pick some of your favourite games, or go virtual with a video game night! Don’t forget to get some snacks or, better yet, have a fun family pizza night before night of family fun.


    Looking for some family friendly snacks? Picky eaters may have just met their match, which means parents are about to meet their new snack time go-to’s. Then again, these snack ideas for kids are so adorable, why limit it to just the little ones?

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