How to Host a Virtual Long Weekend Party

May 5, 2020
by Katherine Sousa Eat

    Physical distancing doesn’t mean the long weekend is on pause; here are 5 tips to hosting a physical distancing long weekend party. 

    The long weekend is on its way, and as any good Canadian, you’re probably getting ready to plan an epic long weekend party. However in the age of physical distancing it can be a little difficult to navigate. From online game nights, to digital dinner parties and birthday wishes from the car – our social gatherings have been looking a little different. We’ve all had to get a little creative. We’re sharing how you can have just as much fun on your long weekend, even while everyone stays-at-home.

    physical distancing long weekend party

    Embrace video chats

    Staying connected with our loved ones has been at the top of our to-do lists since physical distancing started. Video chats allow you to stay connected while sharing moments like birthdays and dinner parties. We say embrace it for the long weekend too! Get all your friends and family on a video chat and enjoy a delicious dinner together, complete with long weekend games and activities from the comfort of your own home.

    Set a theme

    To get everyone in the spirit of the long weekend, we love setting a theme! Whether it’s a dress up theme or food theme or both – a theme can help everyone get into the moment and excited for an event. Try a very Canadian long weekend party where everyone wheres red, white and plaid and we put maple syrup on everything!

    Plan a Grilling Menu

    You could each make your own dinner, but what’s the fun in that? Instead create the perfect long weekend meal plan in advance and send it to all your guests so you can enjoy the same meal together! Or better yet, we’ve created two perfect long weekend grill recipes that can be delivered right to your door. No shopping, no planning – just a delicious grill recipes that you can enjoy over your digital long weekend party. Order yours here .

    Get Outside

    Just because you don’t have people to fill up your backyard, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend the weekend outside. Whether you’re the host or the guest bring the party outside – just make sure you have a good wifi connection for your video chat.

    Adjust Your Entertainment

    Entertainment is a big part of a long weekend party, from the music to backyard games. Just because we’re all physical distancing doesn’t mean we can skip the entertainment. Instead share a playlist with your guests or keep it in close range of your video chat for everyone to hear. Plus take the games online this year by doing a trivia game, charades or host your own workshop!


    What’s a long weekend without grilling up a storm? Grilled vegetables are a healthy and easy way to enjoy your favorite veggies in the fresh outdoors – check out our guide to veggies perfect for the grill



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