ON THE MENU: Long Weekend Grill Recipes

May 5, 2020
by Jade Farhat Our Recipes

    The first long weekend of the season is almost upon us. What better way to spend it with our Long Weekend Grill Recipes!?

    At HelloFresh, summer is synonymous with grilling. This long weekend we’re saying goodbye to grocery store lines and menu planning! In honour of the long weekend we’ve added two delicious made-for-the-grill recipes to our menu created by our very own culinary. Bring on the long weekend with our saucy, simple yet delicious Grilled Surf and Steak Dinner and our mouth-watering brie-topped Chicken Burger.

    Long weekend party planning just got easier thanks to these restaurant-worthy dinners that you can make in the comfort of your own backyard. But wait, there’s more! Keep reading to discover the delicious sides to go with your grill-worthy main course!

    Grilled Surf and Steak Dinner

    long weekend surf and turf grill recipe

    Everything tastes better hot off the grill. Elevate your surf and turf dinner by using the grill for our Surf and Steak Dinner with Foil-Pouch Potatoes and Tarragon Butter. Simple, yet packed with flavour thanks to tricks from our HelloFresh culinary team like tarragon infused butter and foil-wrapped tender potatoes. Who needs a steak house when you can make this meal in the comfort of your own backyard!?

    Ultimate Grilled Chicken Burger Sandwich

    long weekend chicken burgers

    Hamburgers are yesterday’s news. Chicken burgers are the new way to go! Get grilling our Ultimate Grilled Chicken Burger Sandwiches this long weekend and be ready to have a new summer favourite. Plus swap out boring fries for a juicy mango salad that’s bursting with freshness. Get ready to be amazed, this meal is bound to part of your summer recipe repertoire.


    Did we make your mouth water yet? Order your HelloFresh delivery just in time for the long weekend here. Plus read about how you can still have a long weekend party while physical distancing.

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