How to Get Kids Involved in Making Dinner

June 10, 2020
by Katherine Sousa Tips and Tricks

    Five simple ways you can get your kids involved in making dinner and enjoy it along the way!

    Kids can be picky, but kids that get involved in the cooking process are more likely to eat dinner when they’ve had a part in the cooking process. We’re sharing five ways that you can help get your kids involved in dinnertime and enjoy it at the same time!

    Get them involved early.

    Mother with her 5 years old kids cooking holiday pie in the kitchen, casual lifestyle photo series in real life interior

    Get your kids involved at a young age to help start the foundation to a healthy relationship with food. Giving babies and toddlers wooden spoons and measuring cups to play with and stir in bowls while you prep dinner is a great starting point. You can also give them appropriate foods to snack on.

    Let them pick dinner. 

    let your kids pick dinner

    Go through a cookbook or your HelloFresh menu together and let them pick the meals that you make for dinner. When kids get to pick the recipes, they’ll be more interested in cooking them with you AND eating them afterwards. By giving them the choice of a few different recipes, you can ensure they’re eating parent-approved recipes, but they can also feel like they get to eat what they want.

    Give them simple (but fun) tasks!

    Getting kids involved in the actual cooking process is a great way to not only get help in the kitchen but also to get kids excited about dinner. This is also a great way to introduce them to new ingredients! Depending on their age, get your kids to set the table, chop veggies, mix salads, or mix sauces.

    Get kid-friendly kitchen tools.

    There are plenty of products out there to make kids’ involvement in the kitchen safe and fun. Try getting a kid-safe wooden kitchen knife, a step stool so they can reach the counter or mini whisks.

    Start a backyard (or balcony) garden.

    Cooking starts from the ground up. If you have an at-home garden for herbs and veggies, introducing your kids to food from the very beginning allows them to learn about how food is grown. It can help gets kids excited about dinner and the ingredients in it

    Getting kids interested in healthy food is a challenge! That’s why we’re sharing 5 tips to get your kids eating healthier.

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