Creative Ways to Use Leftovers

April 13, 2021
by Katherine Sousa Eat

    Here at HelloFresh we’ve made it our mission to reduce food waste and help you do the same with our guide to transforming your leftovers.

    Our ingredients are always pre-portioned to help you reduce your food waste at home. You get exactly what you need so you don’t have to worry about leftovers or excess ingredients. But we know HelloFresh isn’t your only source of meals. When it comes to dinnertime, we’ve got you covered but if you’re still shopping for breakfast and lunch chances are you have some excess ingredients lying around your kitchen.

    We’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen, so we know a trick or two about what to do with unfinished leftovers. Here are some simple tricks we rely on, to turn what was once leftovers into a brand new delicious dish. You’re welcome!

    Cooked Rice

    cooking with leftover rice

    Rice is an easy one to overestimate when you’re cooking. But good thing for you is that leftover rice is one of the easiest things to use up! Day old rice is perfect for a stir fry or fried rice, or better yet use it as the base to your lunch in a rice bowl or an addition to soup. Try our Bacon and Shrimp Fried Rice for the best use of your leftover rice.

    Roasted Chicken

    cooking with roast chicken leftovers

    Whether you’ve picked up a whole roast chicken or you’ve got some leftover from dinnertime, you can use your leftover chicken in many dishes! Try it in a sandwich, on a pizza, or in a creamy savoury pie! Try using some leftover chicken in our One-Pan Chicken Pot Pie.

    Roasted Veggies

    how to use roasted veggie leftovers

    Leftover roasted veggies are a great addition to buddha bowls or sandwiches. However, our favourite way to is combine it with some chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and some oil in a food processor for a delicious roasted veggie hummus. Store this hummus for your sandwiches, wraps, salad dressings, or an easy snack.

    Fresh Herbs

    how to use up fresh herbs

    Reduce waste and save a little money while you’re at it! Instead of buying jarred sauces, try whizzing up wilting herbs with oil, nuts, and parmesan to make a fresh pesto for your pastas, salads, or pizza! Not looking for a pesto? You can dry your herbs by hanging them upside down and storing them in jars for use later. However, one of our favourites tricks involves and ice cube tray and a little oil, read all about it here.


    how to use leftover canned beans in recipes

    We’ve all been there. Used half a can of beans to have the rest sitting in the fridge until your remember it’s there and you have to throw it away. Beans are great for a creamy dip with some of your leftover fresh herbs. Use it as a nutritious spread on a sandwich or as a creamy dip for veggies.

    Fresh Tip: If your a lover of chickpeas, don’t throw out the can water! You can use that water (aka aquafaba) in place of egg whites in many recipes like meringue.


    how to store and cook with leftover pasta

    Pasta la vista! Use up excess pasta by tossing in oil and freezing single portions for lunch. In the morning, simply defrost in the fridge and at lunch, stir in veggies of your choice! Alternatively, spruce up your soups by adding some leftover pasta noodles or use it as the base for a stir fry.

    Looking for even more leftover solutions? Read all about our top three ways you can use up common dinnertime leftovers.

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