6 Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen for Efficiency

January 20, 2021
by Katherine Sousa Tips and Tricks

    In need of a little kitchen organization? We’re sharing 6 tips for organizing your kitchen for cooking efficiency. 

    When it comes to a kitchen, many think bigger is better. But we’re here to tell you bigger isn’t better, efficiency and organization is better. Having an efficiently organized kitchen saves time and stress when it comes to dinnertime. So we’re sharing our top tips for organizing your kitchen for efficiency, so you can whip up weeknight winners with ease.

    Location, Location, Location

    Not all cabinets are created equal. Look at what surrounds your kitchen cabinet when deciding where to store each item. For example, the cabinet beside the dishwasher is prime real estate when it comes to kitchen storage. Store your everyday cutlery and plates there for quick and easy unloading. Or keep your cooking utensils in the drawer next to your stove or on the countertop in a utensil holder.

    Use Frequency Matters

    When organizing your cupboards think of how frequently you use each item. The items you use less frequently, store at harder to reach places – like the top of cabinets, under the sink, or even in the storage room. The items you use nearly everyday should be at eye level and easily accessible.

    Group Like Items

    You generally wouldn’t store your drinking glasses with your pantry items. So when you’re organizing, lay everything out and group like things together – like your drinking glasses with your mugs. This makes it easier to remember where everything is when cooking in a hurry.

    Use Containers

    Whether it’s for your cutlery drawers or your spice cabinet – baskets, dividers, and containers are a great way to organize like items together and keep your kitchen organized. Plus if you need to get something from the back of the cabinet, you don’t need to put each individual item out to access. Instead just pull out the container and grab what you need.

    Think Outside the Cabinets

    Cabinets aren’t your only storage solutions. You can use the space above your cabinets to store cookbooks or serving dishes on display. Or put baskets up top and store less-the-pretty kitchen items. Get creative and attach little hooks underneath cabinets for hanging mugs or frequently used items. Whatever makes sense for your kitchen and lifestyle!

    Re-arrange – If Needed

    Once you’ve re-arranged your kitchen, that doesn’t have to be the end of its journey. Live in it for a few weeks and if you decide the layout doesn’t work for you, move things around again.

    An efficient kitchen has to make sense for you. It’s important to consider how your day goes, how often you use the kitchen, and what you use it for most of the time.

    Fresh Tip: Re-organizing is also a great time to donate or sell anything you don’t use anymore (as long as its still in good working condition).

    Looking for some time-saving kitchen tips and tricks? We get it, there are days where you come home from work and are furiously hungry. You want something delicious and you want it now. Instead of grabbing the nearest bag of chips, we’ve got seven time saving kitchen tips and tricks to have you cooking faster. 


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