International Recipes to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

May 21, 2020
by Jade Farhat Our Recipes

    We may not be able to hop on a plane right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel the world from the comfort of your home with 7 simple international recipes.

    While travel is on hold, we’re sharing how you can experience international cuisines and satisfy your wanderlust from the comfort of your home. Take A Trip Around the World in 7 Days thanks to our eclectic recipe roundup.

    Calling all travelling #FreshFam members, this international recipe roundup is for you. Including 7 delicious dinners, from 7 different cuisines all around the world. Plus, there’s even a veggie option for each recipe! Try a new cuisine, step out of your comfort zone, and cook something new all week long! 

    Mexican food

    Kale and Black Bean Quesadillas

    Take a trip to Mexico without leaving your kitchen! Kale and Black Bean Quesadillas are a great vegetarian option with all the familiar Mexican flavours you know and love. Get the recipe here

    Fresh Tip: Make it plant-based by substituting cheese and sour cream for vegan-friendly alternatives.

    Mexican Steak Tortas

    Step aside tacos, tortas are here to be your new dinner family favourite. Chipotle-spiced steak, poblano pepper, and a blend of Mexican cheeses make it a winner in the flavour department. Grab a napkin and get ready to dig in! Get the recipe here!

    Korean food

    Korean Spiced Ribs

    Korean food is delicious, packed with flavour, and a favourite at HelloFresh HQ. Inspired by Korean cuisine, our Korean Spiced Ribs are not only delicious but a great way to bring a restaurant-worthy dinner to your kitchen table. Simple, convenient, and delicious: that’s what’s in store with our Korean-inspired pork ribs, made with sweet and spicy flavours including a DIY quick kimchi. Get the recipe here.

    Vegetarian Bibimbap

    Calling all veggie-lovers, our Vegetarian Bibimbap has all the Korean flavours you want without the meat! Hearty grains, topped with a medley of veggies and a Korean red pepper sauce. Get the recipe here!

    Fresh Tip: Looking to make it vegan? Just swap out the honey for another liquid sweetener like maple syrup.

    Indian Food

    Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Curry

    Creamy coconut milk swirled into this delicious curry topped on a bed of cilantro rice — truly comfort in a bowl. Vibrant and fragrant flavours, like you’d expect from any good curry recipe, this one is no exception. Get the recipe here!

    American Food

    Nashville Hot Chicken

    Our culinary team has outdone themselves with this one! Talk about a mouthwatering dinner. Nashville Hot Chicken gets the HelloFresh royal treatment, resting on a bed of creamy, cheesy mac and cheese. Who knew taking a trip to Nashville could be this easy. Get the recipe here.

    Herby Beyond Meat® Patties

    Classic meat and potatoes without the meat? Beyond Meat takes on this traditionally non-vegetarian meal. Savoury Beyond Meat Patties sided with creamy mashed potatoes and sweet peas make for a tasty dish. This delicious classic is finished with gravy, and is guaranteed household winner! Get the recipe here.

    Moroccan Food

    North African Chicken Peanut Stew

    A creamy fiery North African spiced chicken stew with sweet potatoes and chilis will comfort you when nothing else can. Plus, a drizzle of lime yogurt adds cooling flair. Take your taste buds on a trip to Morocco thanks to our North African Chicken Peanut Stew. Get the recipe here.

    North African Spiced Freekeh

    Get ready for a perfect medley of flavours all served in a single bowl. With a burst of Moroccan flavours in every bite, this recipe is a must! Spiced squash, freekeh, and toasted almonds come together in perfect flavour harmony. Get the recipe here.

    Greek Food

    Pan-Seared Greek Salmon

    OPA! Souvlaki spiced salmon, roasted potatoes, and DIY tzatziki — oh my! This recipe is one for the books because of its ease! You can find it here.

    Greek Ragu

    Greek ragù is one of the lesser known treasures of Aegean cuisine. The gentle, warm tang of tomatoes blends like a charm with almonds and eggplant. Paired with the flavourful basil couscous, this is sure to be a dinnertime smash. Get the recipe here.

    Chinese Food

    Sweet and Sour Tofu

    Making your own sweet and sour sauce couldn’t be easier thanks to this super simple Sweet and Sour Tofu! Swap out the tofu for any protein of your choice or stick with it and enjoy this delicious dish for dinner. Get the recipe here.

    Fresh Tip: This dish also makes great leftovers for lunch the next day!

    Did you enjoy your trip around the world in 7 days? Let us know in the comments which destination you’re heading to first! Before you go, remember to end your trip with something sweet with one of our Fruity Desserts perfect for summer.

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