How to Care For Wood Cutting Boards

September 8, 2020
by Katherine Sousa Tips and Tricks

    A wood cutting board is essential in any home kitchen! We’re sharing our top tips for caring for your wood cutting boards so they can last a lifetime. 

    We love a good wood cutting board at HelloFresh, it’s our cutting board of choice. They’re durable and not to mention that look great in any kitchen! They do require a little extra help to ensure they keep a well maintained surface. So, we’re sharing our top tips on how to care for your wood cutting boards so they last a lifetime.

    wood cutting board prep

    Say No to the Dishwasher

    No matter how quickly you want to get dishes done, sticking your wood cutting board in the dishwasher is not a good idea. Prolonged exposure to heat and water can cause your boards to warp, crack, or split.

    Don’t let it soak in the sink

    Wood cutting boards do not like being soaked in water for too long. Water can cause your wood cutting boards to warp, crack, or split. If you have trouble spots when cleaning, see the next tip for our favourite cleaning methods.

    Address stains/odours quickly

    For tough stains, try sprinkling the board with baking soda, then work it into the surface stains with a half a lemon or a sponge. Then rinse and dry it with a towel.

    Wood cutting boards tend to hold onto odours, especially from strong ingredients like garlic or onion. You could try the above tip, but you can also wipe down your board with a little white vinegar. Once it’s dry, the odours should be gone and you shouldn’t smell the white vinegar.

    wood cutting board odors and stains

    Clean After Use

    The best way to ensure your cutting boards don’t get any of those pesky unwanted stains or odors is to wash it right away! Once you’re done with using it, before letting anything soak in you want to wash it by hand right away. Using a gentle sponge, some warm water, and soap – wash your cutting board until clean.

    Let it air dry evenly.

    Wood boards absorb water as they’re washed, causing them to expand. When they dry, the contract back to their normal size again. While a natural process, it can damage your board if you don’t allow time for your board to dry evenly. First, dry off what you can from your board using a kitchen towel. Next, you’ll want to find a place you can prop your board upright (on its edge), like on a drying rack, so all sides are exposed to the air.

    Oil It

    Beyond cleaning tips, oiling your board is a great way to keep your board in tip-top shape. Oil soaks into wood and helps to preserve it in its natural state, helping to prevent it from cracking or warping. Oiling once a month should do, depending on how often you use your board. Just use some refined mineral oil and apply a layer onto every surface of your board (make sure it’s fully dry before oiling) – then prop it up to soak in and dry for a couple hours.

    Now time to put your well maintained wood cutting to use – check out our top kitchen tips so you can slice and dice like a pro!

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