7 Winter Dishes To Keep You Warm

December 10, 2020
by Jade Farhat Eat

    Winter is coming. Which means it’s time to start shifting your dinnertime menu to meals that are going to keep you warm! That’s where these 7 winter dishes come in handy. 

    What do we look for in a delicious winter recipe? Warm, creamy, flavourful: these are the best words to describe these 7 winter dishes to warm you up during the colder months.

    There is nothing better than eating a hearty meal in your warm home and looking out the windows to snow falling from the sky. These 7 recipes make you one step closer to a cozy night in.

    Quick Irish Stew

    Say hello to a hearty twist on a classic potato and beef stew with all its traditional veggie friends. Get cozy because this stew comes together in no time and is perfect for relaxing nights at home. And because this meal is so delicious, we’ve even included garlic toast so you can wipe the bowl clean and get every last drop. Get the recipe here.

    Winter Risotto

    Hearty meals can still be fresh and wholesome. Tender kale pairs perfectly with nutty Parmesan and crunchy walnuts for a warm and wintery dish. What’s the secret to this delicious dish? The fennel seeds add a unique flavour that sets this recipe apart from the rest. Get the recipe here.

    Warm Shrimp Poke Bowl

    The freshest meal out there, and a #FreshFav for a reason. We made some changes to a classic poke to create this ‘warm’ version. All the vibrant fresh elements of a traditional poke bowl are in this dish, which also features flavourful shrimp and charred corn. Get the recipe here.

    Blueberry-Balsamic Baked Brie in Phyllo

    Calling all the vegetarians, this one is for you. Creamy brie and sweet balsamic combine in flakey phyllo parcels for a meal you soon won’t forget, even if you’re a meat-lover. With a side of delicious crunchy green salad, this comforting dish will be the talk of the table. Get the recipe here.

    Sausage-Apple Stuffing Bowl

    Stuffing isn’t just a side dish. We’re here to bring this classic holiday side to centre stage. We all know everyone’s favourite part of holiday dinners is the stuffing, so why not have it for dinner? Our sausage, apple, and sweet potato stuffing bowl will have you longing to cozy up to a fireplace! Get the recipe here.

    One-Pan Chicken Pot Pie

    We love making simple, tasty meals, and this One-Pan Chicken Pot Pie checks all the boxes! Inspired by classic french flavours of a mirepoix to the one-bowl biscuits, this hearty meal is both familiar and satisfying! Get the recipe here.

    One-Pot Black Bean and Chicken Chili

    Good chilli has well-seasoned meat, creamy beans, and tender vegetables. Great chilli, however, has all that and comes together in one pot in under an hour for the ultimate comfort food. This chilli is one of the greats. And once you take a bite, we can guarantee you’ll agree! Get the recipe here.


    In the mood for some more comfort food, check out our favourite comfort food recipes at HelloFresh!

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