5 Tips to Help You Spring Forward

March 4, 2020
by Katherine Sousa Tips and Tricks

      When it comes to Daylight Saving Time, gaining an hour of sleep seems like a piece of cake when they tell you it’s time to lose an hour of sleep. So we’re here to give you our top 5 tips and tricks to help you Spring Forward this Sunday. 

    An hour may not seem like a lot of time, but losing an hour of sleep can really throw off your daily routine. But before you decide that the answer is to sleep in, here are 5 ways you can help your body adjust to the change and make Spring Forward a breeze! 

    Soak in Sunshine 

    There’s more sunshine going around so use it to your advantage! When feeling the effects of losing some sleep, take a minute to soak in some rays. Sunshine sends signals to your brain that it’s time for your body to wake up! 

    spring forward sunshine

    Take A Nap (if you need it) 

    Sleeping in can throw off your sleep schedule and make you even more tired than before. Instead, it’s better to take a quick nap in the middle of the day to refresh from the effects of Spring Forward. But make sure it’s no longer than 15-20 minutes and not in the evening — this will throw off your sleep for the following night. 

    Adjust Gradually

    You may be tempted to sleep past your alarm, but keeping your schedule the same is important to not throw off the days following Spring Forward. It’s better to use the week leading up to prepare and slowly adjust your schedule. Instead of trying to wake up an hour earlier on Sunday, each day this week you can go to bed and wake up 5-10 minutes earlier. By the time Daylight Saving Time rolls around your body is already partially prepared. 

    Nourish Yourself

    Eating a balanced diet can have a big impact on your energy levels throughout the day. Make sure you’re getting everything you need throughout the day to fuel yourself through losing an hour of sleep and put extra thought into the days after to ensure you give your body everything it needs. 

    eat good food to maintain spring forward

    Stay Positive

    There’s something to say about keeping positive in times when you feel tired, sluggish, and just want to go to bed. But instead of focusing on the hour you lost, may we suggest thinking about all the amazing things you can accomplish now that we’re starting to see sunnier days! 

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