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How to chill out on your lunch break

Eat October 6, 2021

The lunch break, the time when we all get to switch off and enjoy some free time during work.

At times we know it can be hard to tear yourself (...)

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Say hello to our NEW lunch add-ons

Eat August 24, 2021

Lunchtime just got a seriously delicious shake up.

It’s safe to say our work patterns have shifted in the last year, particularly at lunchtime. With working from home becoming (...)

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Creative Avocado Recipes You Need to Try

Eat March 13, 2021

We just can’t get enough of the avocado. The popular fruit is something of a legend, and it has SO much potential in the kitchen. To prove it, we rounded up four delicious and creative avocado recipes for you to enjoy.

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Maria Layne says:

I love Hello Fresh you guys are on a roll with your tasty dishes.

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New Ingredients You Need to Try in 2021

Our Cooking tools January 27, 2021

New year, new ingredients? Shake up your dinnertime go-to ingredients and try something new this year. From paneer to barramundi – we’re sharing our favourite new ingredients you need to try in 2021.

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4 Sweet and Savoury Skewer Recipes To Make This Summer

Our Recipes June 30, 2020

Doesn’t matter if it’s sweet or savoury (or somewhere in between) — here at HelloFresh, we’re team skewer all summer long. From its chic presentation to easy prep, these skewer recipes are fun to assemble and a slam-dunk in flavour.

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4 Colourful Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Our Recipes April 20, 2020

Grab a spoon, friends! These four vegetarian soup recipes are light enough for summer days, warm enough for springtime nights, and colourful enough to keep you coming back for more.

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Lynn says:

Looks delicious and healthy but of course , personally I would replace cream with milk.

4 Spring Soups To Get Back Into Your Cooking Groove This Season

Our Recipes March 23, 2020

Some claim soup is a winter staple, but we’re here with deliciously simple proof that it’s an every-season kinda dish. Your jury may still be out, but we have a feeling these four spring and summer soups will seal the deal.  

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5 Homemade Salsa Recipes For Summer

Our Recipes August 5, 2019

Get your tortilla chips ready — you’re gonna want a lot of ’em. These homemade salsa recipes are worthy of a double (or triple) dip. 

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Top-Rated Burger Recipes for Summer

Our Recipes July 2, 2019

Say goodbye to frozen grocery store patties and get your burg’ on this summer with these top-rated burger recipes.

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Homemade Poutine Recipes 4 Ways

Eat June 8, 2019

Nothing shouts “CANADA” more than poutine. We’ve jazzed up your classic fries, gravy, and cheese curds trifecta with 4 new and unique poutine recipes.

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Christine Nymatk says:

What spices do you use in your shawarma blend and in your dal blend. I love them.

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