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Homemade Poutine Recipes 4 Ways

Eat June 8, 2019

Nothing shouts “CANADA” more than poutine. We’ve jazzed up your classic fries, gravy, and cheese curds trifecta with 4 new and unique poutine recipes.

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Christine Nymatk says:

What spices do you use in your shawarma blend and in your dal blend. I love them.

Easy Puff Pastry Summer Snacks!

Our Recipes June 7, 2019

Finger foods are the holy grail of summer get-togethers. Our top pick? These puff pastry summer snacks!

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Sweet and Savoury Maple Syrup Recipes For Maple Season

Eat March 5, 2019

Sweeten up your cooking routine with these maple syrup recipes. Everything from tried and true breakfast treats to appetizing snacks, side dishes, and mains.

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All About Clementines

Eat December 18, 2018

With it’s sweet and tangy flavour, it’s no surprise clementines are a holiday favourite. Orange you glad we’ve got all the deets and a clementine recipe for you?

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4 Homemade Granola Recipes for Back To School

Eat September 6, 2018

We know that back to school means loading up on quick and easy breakfast and snack ideas. Granola is perfect for both! Why settle for sugary, store-bought granola mixes when we’ve got 4 homemade granola recipes that will rock your world?

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Easy Snack Ideas For On-The-Go

Eat August 16, 2018

Trade in boring chips and more-sugary-than-expected granola bars for these healthy ‘n easy snack ideas, guaranteed to satisfy any rumbling tummy.

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DLC says:

Wonderful post. Thank you for inspiring us all to embrace healthy food for life.

Haley says:

I’m obsessed with veggie chips.

Thanks for the information. It was really helpful

Healthy Banana Ice Cream (Or Nice Cream!)

Eat June 30, 2018

It's got all the melty goodness of ice cream, without the guilt! It's made with frozen bananas instead of cream and sugar. If you're eating vegan or you're just craving (...)

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