10 Things You May Not Know About HelloFresh Canada September 13, 2018

by Amanda Li Our Stories

 Here at HelloFresh Canada, food is just the beginning. And dinner? Doesn’t even begin to cover it. We’ve got some fun (dare we say impressive)  facts that will have you feeling like a HelloFresh pro in no time.

Some of you have been in the Fresh Fam for years. Others, months. And some just a few days (in which case, welcome!). But there’s ALWAYS so much going on at HelloFresh HQ, and we’re all about sharing the love, so why not share some fun HelloFresh facts? Here are 10 things you might not know about HelloFresh Canada:

1. There are 20+ recipes on the menu each week.

Because “dinner” and “boring” should never be in the same sentence. Ever. And with a wide variety of expertly-curated recipes to choose from every week, they don’t have to be. On any given week you can expect a wide-variety of cuisines and flavours so you can build the perfect menu for you! Plus we’re always growing our selection of recipes so it’s just going to get better.

2. ALL of our recipes are based on customer feedback.

That’s right folks, all our recipes are expertly curated by homecooks like you! When thousands of homecooks tell us their thoughts on our recipes, we listen. We read EVERY comment, positive or negative, before our culinary team works their magic in the kitchen to create delicious new recipes or bring back your favourites! An example? We heard you all loved the sammie but thought parsnip fries weren’t the perfect pair in our Smoky BBQ Beef Sandwich, so we brought it back with potato wedges. Yum!

FUN FACT: We learned through your feedback that our customers love tacos! And we can’t blame ya – Tacos are delicious!

3. We gather over 500,000 data points each week.

Our culinary team has access to a ton of data on food preferences, locally and globally. We use this information to learn about what you actually want to eat! We’ve got dinner down to a science, so you can focus on the fun parts and savour delicious meals at home.

4. Each recipe is tested and adjusted at least 2-3 times before going into your HelloFresh box.

Our HelloFresh home-kitchen is always pumping out delicious ideas. Some of them are bops and some of them are flops – which is why we test them rigorously to make sure you’re only putting the best of the best on your dinner table. Why should you have to spend your precious time testing recipes when we can do it for you?

FUN FACT: We test recipes 8 weeks ahead of when they go on the menu!

5. We deliver to 95% of the Canadian population.

HelloFresh for everybody! HelloFresh has enlisted the help of delivery partners across Canada so that we can deliver to 95% of the population across 10 provinces. If you are wondering if we deliver to you, chances are we do! It’s also likely that we deliver to your favourite getaway spot, so you can have ready-to-cook recipe delivered to the cottage, camp, or lake house too!

6. Every recipe on the Family Plan menu is kid-tested and approved.

Because those little ones have big opinions, it’s important to get the Picky Eater Seal of Approval on every recipe that makes its way onto the Family Plan menu. In fact, the kids of our founder, Ian Brooks, are known to call our Recipe Developer to share their thoughts on what’s yummy! You could say we take kid-approved seriously. But don’t worry, adults — we didn’t forget about you. Recipes like this Gnocchi Bolognese will have kids and adults alike reaching for seconds.

7. We only send RWA meat.

Because there’s nothing quite like top-quality meat conveniently delivered to your doorstep, we’re proud to say that all our meat is certified RWA, raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. We know that every ingredient counts and we’re committed to making sure you only have the best ingredients on your dinner table.

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8. We’re always testing innovative flavours.

Each week we test new ingredients, suppliers, and concepts, so we can bring new flavours to your dinner routine. From jackfruit sandwiches to coffee-rubbed steak, you’ll never be stuck in a dinner rut with HelloFresh.

RECIPE RECOMMENDATION: Try our BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich or Coffee-Dukkah Rubbed Steak.

9. Customer favourites always make a comeback.

We love bringing back recipes that are tried and true, all-time customer favourites! Just think of ’em as the cream of the crop.  With these guaranteed crowd-pleasers, you can bet your taste buds will be jumping for flavour joy. Anytime our customers tell us they loved a recipe, we’ll either bring it back as is or tweak it based on your feedback!

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10. The HelloFresh Recipe Archive has over 2,500 of our best creations.

Because who wants to spend hours fishing for recipes? Not us. Fortunately, the recipe archive is organized by categories like “quick”, “most popular”, “cuisine type”, and more, so you can easily find exactly what you’re craving. It’s basically the best recipe book ever. And the best part, is that unlike most recipe website, our cookbook has been tested by thousands of home cooks like you!

Did any of these facts about HelloFresh Canada surprise you? Let us know in the comments!

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Do you deliver in Chelmsford

Amanda Li says:

Feel free to shoot our team an email at hello@hellofresh.ca and they can check if we deliver to your postal code!

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